Monday 27 July 2015

Best Concealer Ever - Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer

Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer Best Concealer Ever Review
Soap and Glory’s Kick Ass Concealer Three Piece Flaw Camouflage Kit (to give it its full name) is my favourite concealer in the world; I bloody love the stuff as you will see!

Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer and Powder Light review
Before even getting into the product, the packaging is perfect. It’s a little compact that holds a setting powder (and puff), a mirror and two shades of concealer. It’s so handy to throw in your bag for on the go touch ups, and saves on carrying a separate powder, concealer and mirror!

Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer and Powder Light swatches and review
I have the shade light and while it looks quite yellow toned here in the swatches it is so creamy it blends in straight away. I like to use my finger when I’m applying this to keep it as warm as possible as it is quick thick and I find this spreads it evenly over the area I’m using it on. The slightly salmon shade is for correcting under eye circles and the yellow shade is a concealer for imperfections. The powder is so finely milled and completely transparent and a smaller version of the One Heck of a Blot powder. I like to use this with my Real Techniques setting brush to set under my eyes which keeps any creasing at bay. I will then use the miniature powder puff also included for touch ups during the day!

Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer Light shades and mirror

I find both shades offer me great full coverage and believe me with my acne prone skin and existing scarring, I am all about the coverage. In case you’re wondering, the one time I was matched to a MAC foundation I was NW20 and I usually use either the lightest or second lightest shade in most drugstore foundations (I’m Buff in Revlon ColourStay and Ivory in Rimmel Lasting Finish).

I really want to start putting a date sticker on my products to see how long they actually last me but this definitely lasts at least 6 months with daily use if not more!

Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer Best Concealer Ever Review
Finally here is a photo of all the compacts I found after a quick search through my bags and bedrooom! As you can see this concealer is a constant repurchase for me, I have one in my daily handbag, one in my going out handbag, one on my dressing table and obviously a few more for good luck!

I rotate them so the oldest one gets dumped and I don’t actually have any concealer left in the pot of the old ones but there is still powder and I love having it in my bag along with the mirror for touch ups! I always buy mine when it’s on offer in Boots and I think it’s reasonably priced at £10!

Have you tried this concealer? What did you think? Let me know your favourite concealer in the comments!


Monday 20 July 2015

Product Empties #2

danielle's beauty blog empties 2 skincare hair nail makeup bodycare

Ok, slightly ridiculous amount of empties here yet again, it never looks that much until I go to write the post about it!

Hair Products
hair reviews batiste garnier ultimate blends honey treasures shampoo

Batiste Dry Shampoo
Ah, good old Batiste where would I be without you! Perfect when you can’t be bothered washing your hair, I always have a bottle of this and a backup! It does leave a bit of a white cast if you don’t rub it in properly but for the price it is a constant repurchase!

Garnier Ultimate Blends The Strength Restorer Honey Treasures Shampoo
I did a full review of the Garnier Ultimate Blends range here and while I liked this shampoo it’s not my favourite and I prefer the other products in the range therefore I won’t be repurchasing!

Perfume, Nails and Makeup
product review sopa and glory eau de toilette opi nail envy kick ass concealer revlon powder

Soap and Glory Eau de Toilette
I’ve had this bottle for absolutely ages! The Mist you Madly scent from Soap and Glory which this perfume is based on is my absolute favourite smell. Seriously, if you’ve never smelt it before, do the next time you have a chance! Anyway, I much prefer the actual body spray to this and find it lasts all day on my skin. This perfume is slightly stronger and as I have both the Mist you Madly body spray and fragrance mist which are cheaper for more product I wouldn’t buy the perfume again!

Opi Nail Envy
I recently talked about this in my manicure post here so I won’t bore you anymore but I love this stuff, it makes my nails so shiny and I have since repurchased this! There is a tiny bit left in the bottle but I hate trying to tip the bottle to get the product to one of the sides to get it out and find it doesn’t give as even an application so to the bin it goes!

Kick Ass Concealer in Light
This is my favourite ever concealer and I have a post coming up on this soon! It has two shades to suit undereyes and blemishes plus a mini setting powder and mirror so perfect to keep in your handbag! Already repurchased!

Revlon PhotoReady Powder in Fair
I talked about trying to get this finished up months ago in this post and I have finally succeeded! I used to love this powder but it’s just not working with my skin anymore so I won’t be repurchasing!

skincare review vichy serum garnier express avene  creamcarmex burts bees nuxe caudalie

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum
I absolutely love this serum, this is my second bottle of it! It is very cooling on the skin, hydrating, quite runny and the bottle lasts ages. I always get it on offer with at least 1/3 off the price so it works out quite reasonably! I haven’t repurchased this just yet because sometimes when my skin gets used to a specific product I find it stops working so if you have any recommendations for another hydrating serum please leave me a comment as I want to give this one a break!

Garnier Express 2 in 1 Eye Make Up remover
I use waterproof mascara daily and this oil based eye makeup remover is the best I’ve ever tried! It is so gentle on my eyes and removes mascara and other eye makeup so easily! Already repurchased and using!

Avene Rich Skin Recovery Cream
This is my second tube of this and I love this moisturising cream when my face feels like it needs a little TLC and I just want to use something simple that does what it says! It’s so gentle and dries in quickly! I haven’t repurchased but I will when I get a few other products used up!

Carmex Moisture Plus Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm Pink Sheer tint
I am a massive lip balm user (as you will see from the next products too!) and because my lips dry out so easily I like to add a bit of a tint to them to stop them looking the same colour as my face! This is so moisturising and lasts quite a long time on me meaning it is a constant repurchase! I usually swap between the pink and the peach one!

Burts Bees Original Mint Lipbalm and Pomegranate version
Possibly my favourite lip balm of all time, I love the minty smell of the original and usually have one in my handbag, one on my bedside table and one downstairs at all times and I was quite impressed with myself I finished these two at roughly the same time! Don’t worry though I also had several backups to replace them with!

Caudalie Vinosource Moisturising Sorbet
Got this in the Caudalie set I mentioned in this haul and I really liked the formulation and cooling effect it had on my skin and it dried in very quickly too. Probably wouldn’t repurchase as I don’t feel I saw much of a difference!

Vichy Idealia Life Serum
Again, nice serum but I definitely prefer the Vichy Aqualia Thermal over this and the sample size was so small I couldn’t see any difference to my skin. This was creamier than and not as runny as the Aqualia Thermal and I also think it’s a lot more expensive. Wouldn’t repurchase!

Nuxe Crème Fraiche
I really like this cream; it feels luxurious and is a nice treat at night time for some extra moisture! I use it a bit like I would the Origins Drink Up Intensive mask and already have another one of these, I think I got them in two separate beauty boxes so I’m sorted for now!

bodycare reviews soap and glory nivea lush

Nivea Smooth Nourishing Hand Cream
Like lip balm, hand cream is another product I cannot live without. The hand cream featured in this post is the one that sits by my bed while this one was in my handbag. I have repurchased this so many times I have lost count; it smells amazing, dries in so quickly and makes my hands so soft. I love it! I will repurchase this forever!

Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter moisturiser
This is one of my favourite body moisturisers scented with my second favourite Soap and Glory scent, Original Pink! It is so thick and creamy yet dries in quickly, moisturises really well and leaves a lovely smell on my skin! Already using a backup!

Soap and Glory Clean On Me Shower Gel
This is the shower gel that matches the scent of the Righteous Butter and I love using these together to get a really long lasting scent! I love the Soap and Glory shower gels, they are such good value for money, the pump is so handy, they lather up really well, don’t feel like they strip the skin and smell amazing! Forever repurchasing this!

Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel
As this is limited edition I like to make it last! I love the smell of this so much it’s so sweet and I look forward to getting a bottle every Christmas :)

Apologies again for the ridiculous length of this post, I will not let my next empties stash get that out of hand! Have you tried any of the products I mentioned? What did you think of them? See my last empties post here!


Thursday 16 July 2015

St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Tanning Lotion Review

st tropez gradual tan in shower lotion review instyle magazine

After all the  mixed reviews I read on this I wasn’t going to try it at all but after I saw that In Style magazine were offering a sample size with their August issue and Tesco were selling that issue for £2.50 I jumped on the bandwagon!

I’m the first to admit that I love a deep tan, If there is a “dark” version of whatever self-tan I’m buying I’m all over it so I wasn’t expecting much when I tried this. I have to say though; I was pleasantly surprised at the subtle colour payoff this tan gave (and I mean subtle). It was more noticeable than I was originally expecting after all the reviews I had read and I could definitely see a slight glow to my skin that took the edge of my natural casperness paleness.

So far, I've used this two days in a row and have built up a very natural looking colour. There haven’t been any streaks or patches at all. I have to say though the three minutes waiting time is the longest three minutes ever. I've been taking my phone into the bathroom with me (dangerous I know) to put on the windowsill to time myself otherwise I would be out in about one minute flat with my bad sense of timing.

When using this I would say to make sure to rinse the palms of your hands and give them a good rub on your towel to make sure they don’t get stained. When drying off after the three minutes I also rub my elbows to make sure the tan is blended in and if I had done my legs, my heels. I also quite like the smell of this tan, it’s not the normal biscuit scent that follows you round but something that reminds me of holidays.

So, although I wasn’t disappointed by this product I won’t be repurchasing the full size as the colour pay-off is not enough for me. I like my tan dark and I like it to come up quickly! If you want something very natural looking that’s easy to apply and will give you an even glow this could be worth looking at! Similarly, if you are just getting started with fake tan this could be the way to ease yourself in gently! I might try it over my usual tan next to see if it helps it to last longer and keep it even!

Have you tried this tan? What did you think?

Monday 13 July 2015

Wishlist #1

A few things I’m currently coveting…

wishlist mac urban decay too faced clinique anastasia

Anastasia Contour Kit Light/Medium
I had this is my basket last weekend when Cult Beauty were doing their 15% off promotion but never pressed checkout :( why do I have to be so sensible sometimes!

Too Faced Cocoa Contour Kit
Too Faced is one of my favourite makeup brands and I own a few bits and pieces from them including the Mini Bronzer Wardrobe so I know the quality is already amazing as it the pigmentation and smell! I can’t decide between the two contour kits so thought I’d pop them both on there!

Too Faced Natural Eyes Matte Eyeshadow Collection
Completely uncalled for, I already own the Natural Eyes original palette and have plenty of matte shade in it and other palettes but I want this sooooo bad!!!! I wear matte shades daily so the temptation for another all matte palette is real!

Too Faced Love Flush Blush
Too Faced have done it again haha I love the look of these new blushers and the shade range. I imagine these will be very pigmented so will last ages and look how cute the bunny imprint is!

Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation
The next three are all Mac products I have been lusting after; I’ve heard this first one is great for keeping shine at bay and adding a little extra coverage which sounds perfect for me!

Mac Lipstick
I don’t know if I've been reading a lot of Mac collections recently or what but I really want to add a lipstick and blusher to my collection. I don’t have either from Mac and I’m not 100% certain on the shades I want yet. Patisserie is possibly top of my list but if you know any peachy/pink, my lips but better shades do let me know! I want something I can wear daily!

Mac Powder Blush
Again, I don’t know how I’ve managed to go without a blusher from Mac for so long! I’ve got my eye on Melba but if you’ve got any matte recommendations leave me a comment!

Urban Decay De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray
Going back to what I said about keeping shine at bay, I think I need this in my life! Come the summer no powder works for my oily/combination skin and I hate reapplying because it can look really cakey! I looked at the All-Nighter spray too but De-Slick won with its promise to control oil!

Clinique Pop Lip Colour and Primer in Melon Pop
These have been everywhere recently and while Clinique has never been a brand I’ve been drawn to in the past these lipsticks look so cute and have a brilliant colour range! The good reviews have won me over and I’m almost certain Melon Pop is the colour for me!

Do let me know if you’ve got any suggestions for shades of Mac lipstick or blusher for me or tell me what’s on your wishlist! 

Monday 6 July 2015

Zoeva Bamboo Vol. 2 Brush Set Review

zoeva bamboo vol 2 pouch and brushes

After treating myself to the Zoeva Rose Golden Brush Set earlier this year I fell in love with them and wanted more. Knowing which brushes I used a lot, I looked about getting another set that included a few of the same while also adding some new shapes to my collection. I ended up going with the Bamboo Vol. 2 set and I love the bamboo handles and the gold detailing! The brushes are Vegan friendly and made from Taklon bristles and the set also came with a makeup/brush bag and a container/tube to store the brushes in if you want! I got the set off BeautyBay, they have really quick delivery and offer a good selection of deluxe gifts when you spend over a certain amount! Here’s what the set includes:

zoeva bamboo vol 2 face brushes

103 Defined Buffer
I’ll get the biggest disappointment out of the way first; I just didn’t think this was all that great. I used it to apply foundation and much prefer my Silk Finish brush from the Rose Golden Brush Set! I might try using it with cream blush next and see how it performs!

128 Cream Cheek
This has become my favourite blusher brush! I know it says cream cheek but it’s perfect for powder blushers and I love how the angled bristles allow me to cover the fullest part of my cheek then taper up with the thinner end of the brush! This is really similar to the Luxe Sheer Cheek Brush from the Rose Gold set but I prefer this one for some reason!

109 Face Paint
This is the brush that initially attracted me to this set as I had wanted something similar to the Real Techniques Bold Metals Flat Contour brush. I found it to be a lot smaller than I was expecting and to be honest though I’m still using my old contouring favourite the No7 Powder Brush over this as I find the square shape quite harsh on my face! I prefer it with a really cool toned powder like the NYX Powder Blush in Taupe instead of more bronzy shades.

105 Highlight
Although I don’t highlight too often I thought this would be a handy brush to have. It’s a really nice size and works well for contour as well!

zoeva bamboo vol 2  eye brushes

142 Concealer and Buffer
This is really great for fitting into those hard to reach places like either side of my nose! It’s one I don’t use as often as I should because it is an extra step in my routine but I’m glad I have it! This is another double from the set I already have too!

227 Soft Definer
Perfect for blending, I can never have enough of these as they get dirty so quickly and I maybe don’t wash them as often as I should…

232 Classic Shader
Brilliant for packing on a bit of colour all over the lid!

317 Wing Liner
This was another brush I was happy to have a double of as its soft but not too soft and works perfectly for me as both a liner brush (mostly with eyeshadow) as well as an eyebrow brush! Love this one!

zoeva vol 2 bamboo container pot

Have you tried any Zoeva brushes? Which would you recommend? Personally I want the whole line as well as all of their makeup! 
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