Sunday 28 June 2020

Product Empties #26

product empties reviews Bardot vaseline BeautyBio olaplex

Another month another empties post! So close to finishing so many other products at the minute as well but they weren’t quite ready for this post and good job too as it’s a big one again! 

empties review vaseline snow fairy
Vaseline Intensive Care Essential Healing non greasy lotion 
Love this stuff, it’s so lightweight yet hydrating and the scent is so soothing to me! Already repurchased! 

Lush Snow Fairy shower gel
Sickly sweet but nostalgic and I buy one every year as it's limited edition! I actually picked this up in the sale after Christmas as its expensive and I savoured every last drop! Will buy again when it’s out later this year! 

Marks and Spencer Rose and Lavender hand creams
Got these for Christmas and been using them up at work, I don’t love the scent as I find them a little old fashioned but they do an OK job of hydrating my hands after my many handwashes through the day. Will not repurchase. 

Bath and Body Works Stress Relief Eucalyptus and Spearmint anti-bacterial hand gel 
My favourite hand sanitisers as I am obsessed with the scent. Wish I could get these at home! Have a few backups and will repurchase in the future. 

skincare empties review BeautyBio the balance Mario badescu origins

BeautyBio The Balance pH Balancing Cleanser*
A really lovely gel cleanser that’s got quite a medicated smell which I personally love! Didn’t strip my skin at all and you can read more about it here! Would only repurchase if I saw a good discount as I think its overpriced at £45 for 180ml. 

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater (236ml and 118ml)
One of my favourite facial sprays, this is so hydrating and refreshing and I love having this in my handbag or on my desk at work to spritz throughout the day! Have a few others on the go at the minute but I’m sure it won’t be long before I repurchase! 

The Body Shop Camomile Sumptious Cleansing Butter
I spoke about this recently in my budget skincare post and I think it’s amazing whatever your budget! It feels so luxurious and it melts away all traces of makeup easily as well as not being irritating on the eyes. Perfect to travel with too as the tin is so lightweight! Will repurchase in the future. 

Origins Drink Up Intensive overnight hydrating mask
Another favourite – this is one of my most repurchased skincare items! My skin quite literally does drink this up and always feels plump and hydrated in the morning. Have already repurchased the full size!

Alpha H Absolute Eye Complex
I originally thought this was going to be a cream texture with a metal applicator so I started out being a little disappointed by this as it’s a gel in a pump (I think since I purchased it now has a metal applicator). However, once I got over that I really enjoyed its cooling properties and found it to be hydrating enough too, it’s also got niacinamide which I love. Might come back to it in the future but going to try a few others first. 

The Inkey List Hyaluronic Acid 
This is my second bottle of this and I always seem to resort to it when I’m desperate and almost out as it’s so easily available. But, it does not do a thing for me in terms of helping with hydration and I find the formula a little watery and sticky as opposed to thick and easily spreadable like say NIOD MMHC or Mabel + Meg Lumilixir. Won’t be repurchasing – if you want a good budget hyaluronic acid, the Good Molecules offering is the best I have come across so far! 

Algenist Genius Ultimate Anti-aging cream
Nice overnight cream but didn’t blow me away (probably because it was just a sample as I know so many people swear by Algenist!) Wouldn’t repurchase.

Blistex Lip Medex lip balm
My favourite budget overnight lip balm. Love the medicated scent and it stays on all night. Will repurchase once I finish up a few others! 

Dr Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Acid
Now this formula is what I’m talking about! Really lovely but way out of my budget at £235 for 30ml so will not be repurchasing! 

Sephora Rose lip balm
Not very hydrating, won’t be repurchasing! 

Fresh Sugar Rose tinted lip treatment 
Bit of a cult classic now, these balms are lovely and hydrating but I hate how “melty” the stick is so won’t be repurchasing! Shocked at how much was left in the tube too, I scraped it out while I was still working from home haha. 

product empties review haircare olaplex no3 no4 no5

Bardot Dry Shampoo
Picked two of these up when they were on offer a while back for £2.50 rather than £19. Really nice formula, soaked up excess oils without making my hair look dull and left no white cast but I don’t love the scent, little too floral for me. Would repurchase if on offer again. 

Klorane Anti-Pollution detox shampoo with Aquatic Mint (giveaway prize and previous PR relationship)
Really refreshing scent and Klorane products are so gentle they work great with my tangled hair. Cleansed well and I would repurchase again but probably go for the original oat milk! 

Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector
One of my favourite hair treatments and one I have repurchased many times now! I like to leave this on for a few hours and after washing out my hair is softer and feels more hydrated which is essential for me as my ends are so dry! Read more about it here! 

Olaplex No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo
Really impressed with how much this lathered up with such a small amount considering its SLS free and my hair always feels super clean after use! I don’t love the scent as it’s a little too citrus/lemony for me but I would repurchase again in the future. 

Olaplex No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner
Another one I’m impressed with – this is a lovely thick conditioner that makes my hair soft and manageable but again I don’t love the scent. Would overlook it to buy again though as it’s so good! 

revlon ColorStay combo oily buff review

Revlon Colorstay foundation for Combination/Oily Skin in Buff
One of my most repurchased makeup items! It’s my favourite budget foundation as it offers good coverage and it's matte and I wrote more about it here! Already repurchased and have several back-ups! 

Well done if you made it to the end of that! I have quite a few almost finished products again already so I’ll probably have another one of these up soon! Do you love finishing products as much as me haha? 

*denotes a PR sample that was sent to me. All opinions are my own. See my full disclosure here. 

Danielle xx

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Sunday 21 June 2020

Current Skincare | Toners #2

Welcome to the second instalment of my forgotten blog series in toners! I’m going to try and actually keep it up this time! Way back in the day, toners were almost like an extra cleansing step for me and the amount of makeup that would still come off even after double cleansing was embarrassing, I obviously wasn’t being too thorough! Nowadays, I love using toners to prep my skin for the rest of my skincare routine and always try to have an exfoliating one and a hydrating one in my routine at least. Here are the current open toners in my collection and my thoughts on them!

toner review good molecules versed red

This is the one I’ve had in my collection the longest at this point. It targets uneven skin tone, dullness and visible pores and contains licorice root extract, arbutin and Vitamin C as well as niacinamide. It’s super gentle and suitable for both morning and evening, I use a cotton pad to apply and it is very easily absorbed. There is no scent and I love that it is alcohol free! Just enough comes out of the bottle when you tap the bottom and you get 120ml of product for $14. After continued use my skin looks brighter and left over pigmentation from acne scarring has been less pronounced (I haven’t just been using this product but I do believe it has made a difference)! My skin never feels dried out when I use this and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it! The only negative I would say is that the bottle doesn’t make it the most travel friendly option but who is doing much of that at the minute! Read more about Good Molecules here!

This is my current soothing, hydrating toner, it contains algae extract, bamboo extract, and coconut water to leave skin soft and residue free. If my skin is feeling over exfoliated I always come back to this as it’s so calming! The all in one refers to the fact it can be used as a makeup remover, cleansing milk, toner or post-workout refresher but as mentioned I use it as a toner before applying the rest of my skincare routine! The packaging is super cute, I love the pastel shade and it has one of the push down pumps which is fun to use! It’s £16.50 for 120ml. 

This is only a mini so I’ve been using it more sporadically than I normally would a toner which is probably going to skew my review a little as I don’t get the hype haha. This is such a cult favourite for loads of people and I wanted to love it but it feels a little too astringent for me to use daily and I just keep thinking about how I want Pixi Glow Tonic back in my life (which I repurchased last week). It contains lactic acid and salicin to exfoliate, brighten and hydrate with aims to leave a smooth, even and energised complexion. My skin definitely feels smooth, brightened and energised after using this but as I mentioned, because I don’t use it every day I’ve been struggling to see it helping with breakouts. It also contains fragrance and citrus oils which may be adding to why this feels astringent to me! It’s £27 for 150ml. 

So that’s my little round up for today! Have you tried any of these toners? What are your thoughts! Let me know your favourite toners too! If you want to read the first instalment of this series click here! 

*denotes a PR sample that was sent to me. All opinions are my own. See my full disclosure here. 

Danielle xx

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