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Skincare | Vichy Mineral 89 Range Review


vichy mineral 89 skincare review

I thought I’d do another brand focus this week, this time on Vichy! If you have read my blog over the last few years you will have seen them crop up time and time again especially while I was on Roaccutane as the Mineral 89 was a lifesaver then! Anyway, I have a few other bits from the range and I’ll touch on their SPF too even though it’s not specific to the Mineral 89 line because it’s definitely worth a mention!


Starting with the OG itself, the Mineral 89 Hyaluronic Acid Booster* and this comes in both 50ml and 75ml sizes with RRP £25 and £33 respectively. It’s a cooling, gel serum that hydrates my skin, minimises my fine lines and makes it look plump! It sinks in quickly, lasts all day long for me and sits well under makeup too! A super simple formulation, as well as the Vichy Volcanic Water, this contains glycerin and sodium hyaluronate. It doesn’t claim to be a hybrid serum or tackle 101 skin concerns but if you want a good hyaluronic acid this is one of the best I have tried! I apply after misting my skin to make sure I don’t lose water from my skin and this was my HA serum of choice while I was on Accutane as it’s perfect for sensitive skin and really helps protect your skin barrier. The two sizes it comes in are also more generous than usual HA 30ml bottles so I don’t feel guilty using this down my neck and on my decolletage too! I can’t recommend this enough if you have dry or dehydrated skin or are just looking for a good hyaluronic acid! It has featured many times on my blog, most noticeably in my accutane diary, best beauty discoveries, French pharmacy favourites and barrier repair posts!


vichy mineral 89 range review

Moving onto the Mineral 89 Probiotic Serum RRP £29* and this is like its sister above, but with the main difference of added Niacinamide and antioxidant vitamins. As well as hydrating, this serum focuses on repairing stressed out skin and guarding against stressors. It’s a 30ml bottle and a more classic serum consistency unlike the OG gel formula. I wouldn’t say it’s just as hydrating as the original but I do love the effects of the added ingredients. My skin feels and looks calmer as well as more even and long term (as you can see I’m almost finished my first bottle!) it feels like it’s being protected and overall it bounces back quicker if I do happen to damage my barrier! I particularly love using this the morning after a retinol night as it’s so calming! 


vichy mineral 89 probiotic fractions serum reveiw

Next up, the Mineral 89 Eyes Hyaluronic Acid Eye Fortifier RRP £20* and as well as glycerin and sodium hyaluronate, this also contains caffeine and shea butter. It has a lovely, lightweight formula and the pump is amazing – it dispenses the perfect amount of product so no wastage! The main issues I have with my eyes are puffiness and fine lines and this targets those as well as darkness! It cools down my under eyes making them significantly less puffy and also hydrates, reducing my fine lines. I don’t notice a huge difference with darkness but it’s not a major concern of mine! 


vichy mineral 89 skincare review

Lastly from the Mineral 89 range, the Mineral 89 Fortifying Recovery Mask RRP £8* which comes in two parts – the mask and the solution. It’s a shot of instant hydration and perfect for a skin reset after a stressful week! It leaves my skin feeling plump and juicy and is great if your skin needs a little extra TLC. Generally, while I enjoy sheet masks on the occasions I use them, I still prefer classic masks so in this case I would say just get the serum but consider this if you have a special occasion! Oh, and read the instructions on the back properly unlike me! I opened it first, but you actually mix it before opening by breaking the seal along the dotted lines!

vichy skincare review


To finish off this post, I wanted to mention the Capital Soleil UV-Age Daily SPF50+ Facial Sunscreen RRP £21* which is sadly empty now but was my go-to SPF with its lightweight fluid texture! It offers UVA and UVB protection that corrects wrinkles and dark spots caused by daily UV exposure and it’s formulated with 1% Vitamin E, 4% peptides complex, 2% niacinamide, and 10% Vichy volcanic mineralizing water and probiotic fractions and really has been a dream to use! I was concerned on reading the full ingredients list as alcohol denat is high up there and I previously haven’t got on with SPF’s containing high amounts but apart from a slight “active” feeling on application, which soon disappears, it hasn’t been a problem for me! Aside from that, this has no white cast (I have pale skin for reference), it absorbs easily and sits very well under makeup with no pilling in sight – hallelujah! It doesn’t melt off when I sweat or sting my eyes! Can’t recommend this enough! It has also featured in my best beauty discoveries and best budget skincare posts!


vichy capital soleil spf review

All of the products (serums and SPF) absorb well and give me a great base for makeup. There is no pilling and they don’t cause any sensitivity with my eyes! I cannot recommend this line (and the SPF) enough and they are well worth their price tag! Vichy products are available from Escentual, Look Fantastic, Boots, Superdrug and Feel Unique and they are always included in the French Pharmacy offers usually with up to a third off!


Have you tried anything from Vichy before? What’s your favourite product?


*denotes a PR sample that was sent to me.

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  1. I haven't tried anything from Vichy! The acid booster sounds lovely and right up my street though. xx

    Zoey |

  2. I never tried these brands, but I love to get my hands on something that can help with sensitive dry skin. It sounds like great items for a lovely beauty routine and healthy skin.

  3. These Vichy products sound so good. I am yet to try this brand, I really need too! I always hear great things about them xx

  4. My Mam adores Vichy skincare and for years, it was all that she used! I haven't used any products for around 4/5 years, but I do like the sound of the serums x

  5. I would love to try all of these products! Anything that plumps and hides fine lines is a big yes for me. Thanks for sharing!

    1. These do a great job at that! Thanks for reading! xx

  6. I use Vicy Mineral 89 for years and it is one of my favorite serums, but I didn't try this serum for eyes, probiotic and mask. I'm not sure that I saw mask in my pharmacy. Thank you for recommendation, I need to check them.

    1. Thank you for reading! I am sure you will love them if you already like the original serum! xx

  7. I have heard really good things about this brand. They sell here in the States and I so have been wanting to try something from them. May have to start with one of these!!

    Allie of

    1. Definitely do! Especially coming into winter! xx

  8. Really looking forward to trying this brand in the future. Looks amazing! I want to get the eyes mask first.

  9. the product sounds wonderful! i would love to try
    thank you for sharing
    I hope you have a lovely weekend

    style frontier

  10. Vichy I see lots of review about their products but I haven't tried these.


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