Monday 18 April 2022

Necessaire | Worth the Hype?


necessaire body care review

Welcome back! Today I want to talk about a certain, very hyped brand that I have wanted to try for years! I finally picked up some products before Christmas and now I have had a chance to fully try them out I have some thoughts! I purchased these directly from the Necessaire website but about a month later the brand became more readily available in the UK via Space NK!


I purchased the Body Essentials set in the Eucalyptus fragrance while they had an offer on to get a free Body Serum with purchase. I assumed the body lotion was also in the Eucalyptus scent but it’s fragrance free which I was disappointed with – they have currently released a limited edition eucalyptus version though! They don’t do huge discounts as far as I could see but I did have a 10% off code and this came to $59 including shipping so £46.19 ish which worked out pretty good value compared to if I was buying from Space NK today with no offer on - it would be £130! 


necessaire packaging carbon footprint

First things first, the brand itself is beautiful, I love the aesthetic and Necessaire is also carbon and plastic neutral and allocate 1% of sales to environmental not for profit organisations - you can read more about how they offset their footprint here. Everything here is vegan, cruelty free dermatologically tested and non-hypoallergenic and I really wanted to love these products but I’m not sure if it’s because they are so hyped, the impressive ingredients/claims vs results or what but I’ve been left feeling a little underwhelmed! 



is necessaire worth the hype

I’ll start off by saying my body skin is pretty normal – I shower and moisturise every day but it’s not overly dry or anything. The Body Wash in Eucalyptus RRP £25 is a light gel cleanser containing Niacinamide, Vitamins C & E and Omega 6 & 9 that is meant to lather into a rich foam and it has a nifty screw cap to release the body wash. As a huge fan of eucalyptus, I found the scent a little disappointing. It just isn’t strong enough for me, doesn’t last on the skin or linger in the bathroom. The cleanser feels good, but I wouldn’t say it lathers much at all though it does cleanse well, and I do love the packaging. Overall, I don’t notice much difference in the condition of my skin than if I was using my usual Nivea or lush shower gel.

As a fan of fake tan, I am a serial exfoliator and have high standards in order to remove old tan, keep my skin smooth and also help with KP on the back of my arms and The Body Exfoliator in Eucalyptus RRP £30 falls short for me! It is formulated with bamboo charcoal, pumice, glycolic acid, lactic acid and salicylic acid so provides both chemical and physical exfoliation. As you can see, it’s a gel formula, with quite a fine grain. This is a much gentler scrub than what I am used to – I use exfoliating gloves normally to remove tan and the Frank Bod coffee scrub at other times to keep my skin smooth, so this is more of a gentle polish to me. Again, the scent isn’t as strong as I would like and while this did help exfoliate my skin, I had to use more than I expected to cover my body but it didn’t leave it as soft as my usual coffee scrub and at £30 it ain’t cheap! 


necessaire exfoliator review

The Body Serum Fragrance Free RRP £45 is my favourite from the bunch and the most expensive! It’s a Hyaluronic Acid treatment that’s a gel formula and it absorbs into the body quickly. It’s formulated with 5 molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid as well as Niacinamide and Ceramide NP. I’ve really enjoyed this extra step in my routine, and I usually concentrate on the top half of my body before following with the lotion and I do think it’s helped with extra hydration. Prior to this, I had been using up the Inkey List Hyaluronic Acid on my chest area as I don’t love it on my face and while the Necessaire feels more luxurious, I don’t see a massive difference in them so at this price I couldn’t justify repurchasing!

Finally, The Body Lotion Fragrance Free RRP £28, a multi-vitamin and peptide moisturizer. As I mentioned before, I thought this was also scented so I couldn’t help but be disappointed when I realised it wasn’t as I find unscented body lotions a tad boring. Don’t get me wrong, they are a great option for sensitive skin and perfect if you don’t want a scent clashing with your perfume but for me I wanted something more! While the formula itself is thick, it takes some rubbing in before it’s fully absorbed but when it is there is no greasy residue, and my skin was hydrated. The packaging is similar to the exfoliator with a weighted cap that feels very luxurious but again it just too pricy to not hit all my boxes! 


necessaire bodycare products

So, to answer the question in the title – no, I don’t think for me personally these are worth the hype unfortunately! I’m glad I scratched the itch, but, aesthetically pleasing packaging aside, I get more joy out of products a fraction of the price and haven’t noticed any major skin benefits to these as opposed to my usual more affordable body care choices! I would consider picking up the hand cream in the future if on offer but I think I am in the small minority that hasn’t fully fallen for these and while I’ll happily use them up, they aren’t repurchase worthy for me!


Have you tried Necessaire? I would love to hear your thoughts!  


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Sunday 3 April 2022

Beauty Spend Report | February and March 2022

I’m back with a combined beauty spend report as I had a low spend month in February! If only they could all be like that! 


daniellesbeautyblog february march beauty spend report 2022

In February, along with a £20 subscription to the Liberty Beauty Drop Box, I repurchased two products. The first of which being a Real Techniques Setting Brush. I honestly can’t remember how long I had my original brush – it featured on my blog for the first time in 2015 and would have lasted many more years if I hadn’t lost it So mad at myself but I think I must have left it in a hotel room because I turned my bedroom upside down and couldn’t find it. I use it daily so picked the replacement up from Amazon as that’s where I found it for the cheapest price at £6.07 (RRP £7.99). The new version has a pink base rather than black and I would say it feels very slightly different though that could be because mine was so old! Anyway, it’s the best size for setting under the eye and eyelid too and I can’t recommend it enough!


I also just finished my favourite eye makeup remover so grabbed another Nivea Daily Essentials Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover for £1.99 from Savers. If you wear waterproof mascara you need this in your life! It’s a bio phase formula and the oil works to break down makeup all while being super gentle, not stinging eyes or leaving a fuzzy film over them! See more here! My total for February was £28.06.


Moving onto March now and as well as another £20 billing for the Liberty beauty box subscription, I picked up three Revlon Colorstay Foundations for Oily/Combo skin in the shade Buff as it was on 3 for 2 in Boots. Normally this is £12.99 per bottle so instead of £38.97 altogether it was £25.98 and because I had some vouchers from Christmas I only paid £3.37. Side note, when are Boots going to introduce being able to use gift cards online? So annoying. Anyway, this is my go-to work foundation as I don’t like wearing my more expensive foundations when I am just working from home! I have been repurchasing for years and it’s a great, long lasting, full coverage foundation and Buff is a perfect match for me! I don’t wear much drugstore makeup anymore, but this is one I always have in my collection! See more here!


Another trip to Savers for essentials resulted in me picking up some more dry shampoo – the Schwarzkopf dry shampoos feature heavily in my empties but I think I forget to add them into my spend reports as to me they are quite boring but £1.99 can’t be beaten! I also had a lovely trip to Prague in the middle of the month and took the opportunity to grab the Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Waterproof mascara which worked out at £3.10.


Moving onto a few more exciting end of the month purchases and I finally picked up the Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out Freestyle cream blush in Petal Poppin that I have wanted for ages! It’s usually £21 but Boots had 15% off and then a further 5% off for Mother’s Day making this £16.96. Lastly, I made a Look Fantastic order for a backup of the Barry M lip scrub which is just as good as my old favourite from Lush! Unfortunately, they didn’t have the mint flavour I wanted so I picked up bubblegum – it’s usually £4.99 but there’s always a 20% off code! I also grabbed the Maison Margiela Replica Memory Box 10 x 2ml as I have wanted to smell these for ages and this was £33 but I got 20% off too and also had a £5 credit on my account so this haul cost me £25.01 altogether instead of £37.99. 


fenty beauty cheeks out freestyle cream blush petal poppin review

fenty beauty cheeks out cream blush petal poppin review


maison margiela replica perfume review

My total for March was £70.43 instead of £122.39 thanks to those discounts and gift cards and the total for the two months was £98.49. I think I am due another beauty box from Liberty in the middle of this month after which I might cancel the subscription. I have £80 in the account now but have to say I don’t find their beauty section that good so I’m not sure what I will pick up yet!  


If you want to see January’s Spend Report click here and last years round up is here! Let me know what you have purchased recently! 


daniellesbeautyblog beauty spend report

*denotes a PR sample that was sent to me.

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Danielle xx


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