Sunday 30 January 2022

Beauty Spend Report | January 2022

I’m pretty happy with myself this month as I’ve managed my low buy - hopefully that continues into tomorrow and I haven’t hit publish too prematurely! You can find last year’s posts here but let’s get into it!


beauty spend report january 2022

First up, I subscribed to the Liberty Beauty Drop last month so my subscription of £20 came out again and the first box (out of four per year) arrived. In it we have full sizes of the Frank Body In Your Dreams Sleep Scrub and Soak and MZ Skin Anti-Pollution Hydrating face mask, and minis of the Dr. Barbara Sturm Anti-Aging body cream, 111Skin Vitamin C Brightening Cleanser, Sarah Chapman Skinesis, Malin + Goetz Bergaot Deodorant and samples of the OUAI Detox Shampoo, Susanne Kaufmann Anti-Aging Regeneration Cream and Sisley Anti-Age Eye and Lip Contour Cream. 


liberty beauty drop box january 2022


The £20 is redeemable on the Liberty Beauty website, you get free delivery and you can opt out after 3 months. This was a pretty impulse purchase from me last month and I have never shopped from Liberty before. I think I will most likely cancel my subscription in March as their beauty offering is quite limited and there are a lot of (overpriced) brands I’m not interested in on there! I will keep an eye on the new in section though and I’m sure I will find something to treat myself to! Overall, I am happy with the contents of the box and everything but the deodorant will get used up by me! And side note, the floral design on the box is beautiful but it would have been nice to get a bag like the first Beauty Drop customers last year but I can understand why they wouldn’t do that every drop! 


liberty beauty drop box jan 22

Also this month, I picked up some of the Home Bargain Inkey List hair products! I’m sure you saw this all over Instagram if you are in the UK and I couldn’t resist the £1.49 price tag! I couldn’t find any in my local Home Bargains so I sent my mum with a list when she went shopping in another town and she came back with the goods! If you read my Best Beauty Discoveries post last month you will already know how much I love the The Inkey List Caffeine Stimulating Scalp Treatment so I picked up four bottles on offer. Note, it is the old, smaller, awkward packaging so I plan to refill my newer bottle with the contents of these! I have noticed much less hair coming out when I wash since I began using this late last year and I can’t recommend it enough, even full price it’s not that expensive at £14.99! 


the inkey list hair review

I also got a bottle of the PCA Bond Repair and Peptide Volumising treatments to try as well. So far so good with both of these too, they are lightweight and don’t weigh my hair down but the Caffeine treatment really is the star of the show for me! At £1.49 each these totalled £8.94 altogether.


And that brings me to the end of my report – my total was £28.94! Like I said, it was a good low spend month for me and I want to try and keep it that way this year (well apart from maybe a little splurge at my birthday/Christmas time ;)) Have you bought much beauty this year so far?


*denotes a PR sample that was sent to me.

All opinions are my own. Affiliate links used.

See my full disclosure here.


Danielle xx


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Sunday 16 January 2022

Best Beauty Discoveries 2021 | Skin and Bodycare

After last week’s post on my best makeup and haircare discoveries I am rounding up 2021 with my best skin and body care discoveries! Skincare is always a much harder category for me to narrow down and I’ll be honest I haven’t done a great job of it haha. I am also lucky enough to get sent products in PR (with no obligation to post about them) but I do tend to prioritise testing them before products I have purchased myself so this post is PR heavy! I will link to my full review but try to keep things short and sweet or this post will be so long! 


best skincare and body care discoveries 2021


Starting with skincare and this year I found three new cleansers I fell in love with! First of all, the The Inkey List Fulvic Acid Cleanser RRP £10.99* which was on constant rotation for me last summer and perfect for a second/morning cleanse! It left my skin feeling bright and softened without drying it out! Full review here!


The Venn Moisture Balance All in One Face Cleanser via Face the Future RRP £55* had to make it into this post. It’s on the pricier side but so effective and works as a first cleanse as well as second/morning cleaner so really is an all in one! It has a beautiful texture, feels hydrating and removes makeup with ease. LOVE it and have a full review here!


Finally in the cleanser category, the Dermalogica Daily Glycolic Cleanser RRP £35* is the newest out of these three to land in my cleansing stash and colour me impressed! Super gentle but effective, this brightens my skin tone and leaves a great base for the rest of my skincare and makeup application! I haven’t noticed any sensitivity with the glycolic acid either!


best cleansers 2021

Moving onto eye cream and serums and I have been so impressed with the NIOD Fractionated Eye Contour Concentrate RRP £43* this year. It’s a lightweight serum that is hydrating and targets signs of aging – I have noticed reduced puffiness and less visible fine lines as well as a firmer eye area and a very slight lift to my hooded lids which is very welcome! Full reveiw here!


You will be sick of hearing about the next two serums but I couldn’t not include them! NIOD Survival 0 RRP £20* and Modulating Glucosides RRP £21* were absolute Godsends for me at the start of last year (and still now!) when I was still on Roaccutane as they are so gentle and reparative – perfect for sensitive skin! These have their own dedicated post here!


The Inkey List 15% Vitamin C and EGF Serum RRP £14.99* is a gorgeous Vitamin C formulation and after struggling with the ingredient this one finally made me see the light!  It made my skin look brighter, more even and feel plumper! Full review here!


The Dermalogica Smart Response Serum RRP £130* is another that instantly calms my skin and makes it feel hydrated, brighter, soft and plump while making my fine lines look less noticeable. The price is eye watering but if you are streamlining your routine or want to cut out a few steps with multiple serums this is a one stop shop and well worth it! Full review here!


best skincare serums 2021

Sticking with Dermalogica, the Biolumin-C Gel Moisturizer RRP £59* was a firm favourite throughout summer for me! It’s a lightweight gel moisturiser and my skin looks instantly brighter when I use it as well as feeling hydrated, looking glowy and sitting well under makeup! See my full review here!


I fell in love with two SPF’s this year, the first being the Vichy Capital Soleil UV Age Daily SPF50 RRP £21*. Super lightweight, contains peptides and niacinamide, no white cast on my skin tone, no pilling and gives a lovely base for makeup. Full review here! La Roche Posay Anthelios Age Correct SPF50 via Face the Future RRP £25* was my next SPF find and this one is perfect for sensitive skin and also packed full of hyaluronic acid and niacinamide. It’s a thicker formulation than the Vichy but spreads easily and doesn’t leave a white cast either! Again, there is no pilling and it gives a great base under makeup too! I talked about it more in this post!


Coming to the end of my skincare picks for 2021 now and Scientia Dusk Elixir RRP £32* is a beautiful oil that is a dream to apply! It’s made up of 23 natural oils including Rosehip, Moringa and Bakuchiol and helps boost collagen production and tackle signs of aging. It has such a calming scent too so is perfect before bed. Full review here!


best skincare products 2021

Moving onto bodycare now but I do sometimes use the Cetraben Natural Oatmeal Cream RRP £8.99* on my face too as it's multipurpose. This is perfect for eczema prone skin and works a treat on dry patches I get on my legs and stops me from itching! This is my go to as well if I have a reaction to anything on my face, I pile this on top of MG and my skin is back to normal in the morning! Can’t recommend enough if you need a do it all body/face cream for any emergency skin situations! Full review here!


Finally, the Elemental Herbology Zest Bath and Body Oil RRP £30* has been a luxurious treat to use! I love the deep citrus scent and I apply this just before bed waking up to hydrated, supple, nourished skin! I cannot get enough of this and have a full review here!


best bodycare products 2021

And that’s my best skincare and body discoveries of 2021! I would love to know yours in the comments! You can also see my best skin and body discoveries of 2020 here and last weeks best makeup and hair discoveries of 2021 here! 


best beauty discoveries 2021

*denotes a PR sample that was sent to me.

All opinions are my own. Affiliate links used.

See my full disclosure here.


Danielle xx


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Sunday 9 January 2022

Best Beauty Discoveries 2021 | Makeup and Haircare

best beauty discoveries 2021 makeup haircare

I’m never organised enough to have these up at the end of 2021 so today I’ve got my best hair and makeup discoveries of last year and next week I’ll have my skin and bodycare! Not everything was necessarily released last year, 2021 just happened to be when I tried it for the first time! 


charlotte tilbury cheek to chic love glow review

Starting with makeup, and blush and lip balm are my weakness so it’s no surprise that my makeup discoveries are made up of them and you have probably seen them featured on the blog before too! At the end of 2020 I bought a couple of blushes in the Cult Beauty sale and I have used them non-stop since! The Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic Blush in Love Glow RRP £30 was a blush I deliberated over for ages, I had swatched them years ago in Sephora and couldn’t make up my mind but I finally bit the bullet and I am so glad I did (especially as there was 20% off!). This is a gorgeous pearlescent pink shade that is easily buildable leaving a beautiful healthy glow and colour to my skin. The lasting power is great too and I ended up picking up another shade in the Cult Beauty’s recent sale as I love this one so much! Full review here! 


nars blush in behave


At the same time, I got the NARS Blush in Behave RRP £27.50. I am a huge fan of NARS blushes but I’ve only had minis before and they come in limited shades so after looking at some swatches (thank god for Google images and YouTube lol) I went with this one – a warm pink, matte shade that, like the CT, is buildable and lasts all day for me. Another one I haven’t put down all year! See my full review and a swatch here! Rounding off my trio of blushes is the Pixi On-The-Glow blush stick in Juicy RRP £18* and one I would not have bought for myself as I thought cream blushes wouldn’t last on my skin and would disturb my base. How wrong I was! This formula is amazing and as well as being a blush, it can be used on lips too. The shade Juicy is a gorgeous subtle coral on my skin and makes me look so healthy and dewy and the wear time is great too (my skin is normal atm). Full review here with all three shades and swatches! 


pixi on-the-glow blush review

Moving onto lips and the NARS Soft Matte Tinted lip balm in Unrestricted RRP £23 definitely needs a mention! These are billed as limited edition but most shades are still in stock and I really hope they make them permanent! This applies super smoothly and feels so comfortable to wear despite being matte. Unrestricted is a pink nude shade and I just think it looks so chic and understated being matte, LOVE! Full review and swatch here!


nars soft matte lip balm in unrestricted swatch

nars soft matte lip balm in unrestricted

Continuing with lip balms (I can’t remember the last time I wore a lipstick but I still love a tint of some sort) is the Charlotte Tilbury Hyaluronic Happikiss RRP £25. Part lip balm/part gloss, I gave this a pretty meh review if I do say so myself but it has definitely grown on me since then! I stand by what I said about the packaging – it’s awful but the product itself is lovely, it really does keep my lips hydrated and I love the shade – a classic my lips but better.  

Moving onto haircare now and most of my staples have stayed the same but there are a few that I have fallen in love with! The Inkey List Caffeine Stimulating Scalp Treatment RRP £14.99* and The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density RRP £15.80 are essentially very similar products aimed at increasing thickness in hair as well as decreasing hair loss and optimising growth in the Inkey List’s case. The ingredients list is similar for both of these and I have been using The Inkey List on my left hand side and The Ordinary on my right and I can’t tell much difference between the two. My hair has dramatically reduced in hair fall – I was seriously worried at how much hair was coming out every time I washed it – I know its normal to lose some but this was a lot for me). I was worried these would make my hair very greasy as I have an oily scalp at the best of times anyway and while it definitely does look like I have something in my hair I wouldn’t say its greasy looking. I have only been using these for just over a month so I have no hair growth updates but honestly for the price and how much less my hair is shedding I can’t recommend them enough! The Inkey List caffeine treatment is currently £1.49 in Home Bargains too but beware it’s the awful old packaging so no nozzle and it’s a smaller 50ml! I picked up four to refill this one when it's done!  


Finally, along with extra shedding this year, my hair has been super frizzy too which is unlike it and I originally thought it was humidity in the summer but now I’m not sure if its hormones/aging but it’s been driving me crazy! I tried loads of different serums and sprays and while they worked nicely at making my hair soft, the frizz was still poking out around the top of my hair. Queue me dumping some Heritage Store Castor Oil RRP £6.99 onto my scalp as a makeshift hot oil treatment (except it wasn’t hot). I thought it would be hard to wash out as it felt pretty sticky but surprisingly it wasn’t and when I dried my hair I was left with zero frizz! I only need to leave it on for about an hour too but so happy with the results!


So those are my standout makeup and haircare discoveries from this year! See last year’s here! Let me know what your favourites were from last year too!


*denotes a PR sample that was sent to me.

All opinions are my own. Affiliate links used.

See my full disclosure here.


Danielle xx


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Sunday 2 January 2022

Beauty Spend Report and End of Year Review | December 2021

daniellesbeautyblog december beauty spend report

Happy New Year everyone! It wasn’t too long ago that I did last month’s spending report but I wasn’t waiting so long on deliveries this month! I just wasn’t so organised that I could get it up before the end of last year! Let me quickly go through what I bought beauty wise then I’ll do my yearly total *gulp*


pat mc grath nude venus divinyl lip shine

At the start of the month I took advantage of another sale Pat McGrath were having and got myself the Lip Fetish Balm Divinyl Lip Shine in Nude Venus, a warm beige nude shade, which was £11 instead of £28. 


pat mcgrath divinyl lip shine in nude venus


I also signed up to the Liberty Beauty Drop subscription. This is £20 a month and they send out a quarterly beauty box while the £20 can be used as credit on the website and it gives you free delivery. I think the first beauty box is dispatched in January and you can cancel your subscription after three months. I don’t think I’ve ever purchased from Liberty before but I am excited to see what they send and happy the money is credit on their website!


Just before Christmas, I repurchased my favourite budget foundation – Revlon Colorstay for Oily/Combo in Buff from Superdrug as I just finished mine (see my last empties post here!). This was £9.99 instead of £12.99 with my Superdrug card.


A last minute BeautyBay order for one of my mum’s Christmas presents meant I had to add a couple things for myself to get free delivery (ha!) – the Holika Holika Aloe Soothing Gel was £3.15 instead of £3.95 and LA Girl Duo Brush was £3.20 instead of £4. 


daniellesbeautyblog decemebr spend report

I also got some gorgeous beauty gifts for Christmas this year which I posted on my Instagram. It’s safe to say I am definitely well stocked on beauty products now so if you see me buying any this year you have permission to cut up my credit card! 


Overall, this month I spent £47.34 instead of £68.94. Let’s look at the full 2021 breakdown here:

January – £61.13

February – £82.43

March - no spend

April – £190.70

May – £442.44

June - no spend

July – £70.90

August - £133.12

September – no spend

October - £30.90

November - £467.54

December – £47.34


Total - £1526.50


It looks eye watering when I write it down like that but I really hope to continue this series into next year and do better with my spending! I should also add a disclaimer that I do have a full time job/spend within my means etc. Do you keep track of how much you spend on beauty products each year?


*denotes a PR sample that was sent to me.

All opinions are my own. Affiliate links used.

See my full disclosure here.


Danielle xx


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