Sunday, 2 August 2020

Product Empties #27

product empties soap and glory ogx OUAI

Hi everyone and welcome to another bumper edition of empties! Not sure what happened but I was collecting these slowly then seem to have finished a bunch of full sizes within the last week so let’s get to it! 

bodycare empties versed soap and glory

Soap and Glory Clean, Girls Body Wash
Hands down my favourite body wash ever and also the best Soap and Glory scent! And one I also fear they have discontinued because after a quick search it’s not even showing up on the Boots website. They recently revamped the body mists and to be honest the new version of Mist You Madly (Clean, Girls scent) has changed ever so slightly but it’s very noticeable to me as a regular user and it doesn’t last as long. They seem to be introducing numerous new products and scents so I fear it’s the end for my favourite but I would repurchase this in a heartbeat as it feels so hydrating, smells incredible and is excellent value for money! Also don’t understand why they ever got rid of the pump on these too, OK rant over! 

This is such a beautiful dry oil that feels so nourishing and really does make my skin feel soft and supple. I like the scent though its’s nothing amazing but it is subtle and non-offensive and I love the spray bottle as it’s so easy to dispense! Also really affordable at £13.50! Would repurchase! 

Nivea Soft Moisturising Cream
One of my OG faves, creamy, moisturising and smells so fresh and clean, I repurchase this constantly! 

Marks and Spencer Magnolia Hand Cream
Pleasant hand cream, this was the last in a set of three. Nothing special so wouldn’t repurchase.

Cath Kidston Rose Hand Cream
The scent was a little too fake for my liking but this felt lovely and moisturising. Have other hand creams I prefer so wouldn’t repurchase. 

haircare empties ogx klorane kms

Batiste Dry Shampoo and De-Frizz
I don’t know why I bother with Batiste, it’s been a few years since I last bought it and I saw this new packaging and the promise of the invisible formula so thought I would give it another chance but I shouldn’t have bothered. It’s the same old formula that doesn’t soak up any oil and leaves a white cast and the scent is so old fashioned. Hopefully I have learned my lesson, will not be repurchasing! 

OGX Keratin Oil Shampoo
Really nice, nourishing shampoo that felt very hydrating and smelt good! Can’t say much for the anti-breakage claim as I use so many other products after shampoo to help with that haha but it’s a nice affordable sulphate free shampoo I would repurchase! 

Klorane Anti-Pollution protective conditioner
Super fresh smelling conditioner (I love the peppermint!) This is quite lightweight for a conditioner and I do prefer something thicker as my ends are so dry but it doesn’t weigh hair down and does make my hair feel softer. Klorane products are so gentle I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend but I won’t be repurchasing this. 

KMS Free Shape
I used this as a hairspray and ended up quite liking it but after a quick google it doesn’t seem to be easily available in the UK anymore. I would repurchase but it’s not the end of the world that’s it’s not available (unlike Clean, Girls bahahah)! 

I got this in a Cult Beauty GWP a while back and recently picked up the full size that’s how much I love it! Unlike most scalp scrubs I have tried, this one actually makes it to my scalp and really cleanses it from product build up. It’s sulphate free but gently foaming and leaves my hair so shiny and not dried out at all! £15 for a huge tub that will last ages and I couldn’t recommend more! Already repurchased! 

skincare empties good molecules January labs alpha h ren

This is a super gentle alcohol free toner that contains licorice root extract, arbutin and vitamin C as well as niacinamide. With continued use it targets uneven skin tone, dullness and visible pores and I do think this made my skin brighter and helped with ongoing pigmentation issues I have! It’s also super affordable at $14! Would repurchase! Read more about Good Molecules here! 

Disciple Night Shift Cleanser 
Really luxurious cleanser full of fruit oils and AHA’s - it removes makeup with ease (it comes with a face cloth too) and I love the green packaging however it does seem to collect some product buildup around the pump making it sticky which I hate. I wish this was scented a bit more like the facial oils as that would really have sold it for me but my skin does feel calm and plump after use! At £27 I won’t repurchase.

January labs Moisture Balancing Lotion
I have lost count of how many tubes of this stuff I have gone through now and sadly this will probably be my last one as Cult Beauty stopped stocking it and there is no new UK distributor! I am gutted more so about their Restorative Tonic Mist as that is one of my favourite skincare products of all time. The lotion is a lovely lightweight hydrating cream that I use in the daytime as it’s great under makeup. Would have repurchased if it was easily available L

Boots Glow Brightening Mist
Purchased this on a whim when I was browsing Boots online one day and saw that Niacinamide was high up on the ingredients list. To be honest I used it as a makeup refresher during the day so can’t say much for the skincare benefits but it felt cooling and hydrating and at £4 I would repurchase again though I will say I find the scent quite sweet and I don’t like it!  

Containing tranexamic acid, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid this is a gentle serum that helps promote an even skin tone. It has a lovely formula that doesn’t feel tacky and it sinks in quickly working really well to target pigmentation. It’s $12 as well so amazing value for money and I would repurchase! Good Molecules have actually just sent me the updated nothing to hide ingredients list version of this so I am excited to get it back into my routine!

Can you tell I like Niacinamide haha? This serum also contains copper tripeptides and works as an antioxidant to help premature aging, retain hydration and enhance suppleness among other things! Just a great everyday serum to promote overall healthy skin and one I will repurchase! 

Drunk Elephant F-Balm Electolyte Waterfacial 
This is a heavily hyped overnight hydrating mask and one I just cannot get on board with. Every product I have tried from DE, I have felt very “meh” about and this is no different. Aside from their rep for bad customer service, I find the products overpriced and while this one did moisturise I didn’t wake up with thinking my skin looked or felt any more hydrated than when using a cheaper alternative! Would not repurchase! 

REN Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic
Another one that didn’t live up to the hype for me! I don’t mind essential oils or fragrance in some products but in this It feels a little too astringent for me. It also contains lactic acid and salicin to exfoliate, brighten and hydrate with aims to leave a smooth, even and energised complexion. My skin definitely felt smooth, brightened and energised after using this but I just don’t love it, wouldn’t repurchase! 

Malin + Goetz Revitalising Eye Cream
This is like Vaseline for your eyes but I really liked it! Perfect for night time as its quite thick and felt really hydrating! Fine lines were softened and I would consider getting this in the future when I am more concerned with deeper wrinkles round my eyes as opposed to the fine lines I have now as it’s on the pricey side at £68 for 15 mls (for reference this sample was 2.5ml). 

miscellaneous empties skin accumax OUAI

I’ve gone through yet another pot of these and I really just can’t tell what they are doing for my skin *shrugs*, I am going to make my current pot my last as these are expensive and my skin is just still always breaking out. I also realised that I should have been taking 4 a day then moving down to 2 a day but whatever way I read it I thought it was 2 then 1 so I probably shot myself in the foot by not taking the higher dose. If you have any other supplement recommendations specifically for maintaining good skin please let me know!

Obsessed with this scent which is the same as the wave spray and leave in conditioner if you have ever had a sniff of those! I don’t find this the longest lasting on my skin but I forgive it as it smells so beautiful! I talked more about it in this post and I have already repurchased! 

Congratulations if you got to the end of that! Let me know if you have used any of these up and what you thought! 

*denotes a PR sample that was sent to me. All opinions are my own. See my full disclosure here. 

Danielle xx

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Sunday, 26 July 2020

Makeup | NARS Laguna Bronzing Powder Original vs Matte

NARS laguna matte bronzer review

Today, I thought I would do another post centred around one of my most recent buys as well as one of the more well used products in my makeup collection – NARS Laguna bronzing powder. When I first saw they were releasing a matte version I knew I wanted to get it as the original is one of my favourite bronzers! 

The original is described as a diffused brown with a golden shimmer and I first fell in love with it back when I got the Steven Klein face palette – anyone remember that? Anyway I upgraded to a single NARS Laguna last year in Sephora as whilst I love the palette, it’s heavy for travelling and I wasn’t making use of all the shades in there. I find it such a fool proof shade, not too warm so can be used as a contour as well as a bronzer and while it has a shimmer, this is so subtle and flattering and not glittery at all! It is so easily buildable, impossible to go overboard with and leaves a beautiful healthy glow!

nars laguna matte bronzing powder review

Laguna Matte is described as a warm brown and although from the swatches they look similar I would say it definitely feels warmer on the face. I think this could also be down to the fact my original bronzer is so well used it’s not as pigmented now (which personally I prefer as it means I can slowly build up colour). I’ve been using the matte version now for about two weeks and it’s still hella pigmented even after tapping off so I’m being careful not to go overboard! 

nars laguna matte bronzer closeup

Both bronzers have beautiful formulas and feel smooth to apply while being easy to blend. They work so well to add definition to my face as well as a subtle glow (especially the original) and the powder is so finely milled and not chalky at all. They also each come in four shades and I have the second lightest! Oh and don’t they have the most chic packaging? Matte black, swoon – although if you own any NARS products yourself you will know how quickly they get grubby! 

nars laguna bronzer original vs matte

nars laguna matte swatch
l-r: NARS Laguna orignal, NARS Laguna matte 
bronzer swatches nars laguna fenty inda sun
l-r: Physician's Formula Bronzer, NARS Laguna orignal, NARS Laguna matte, Tarte Park Ave Princess, Fenty Inda Sun
I’ve included a few other swatches of other bronzers I own unedited although I really don’t think they are doing any of them justice! Overall the OG NARS Laguna bronzing powder remains my favourite and the matte version has not yet knocked Fenty Inda Sun off the top spot in my eyes for matte bronzers! 

I picked the newest edition up from LookFantastic with 20% off making it a much more reasonable £24.80 than its usual price of £31! I rarely pay full price for makeup and if you like you can read more about my favourite UK beauty sites and how to save money here! It’s an old post but still applies J

Have you tried Laguna or Laguna Matte? Tell me your favourite bronzers! 

Danielle xx

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Sunday, 19 July 2020

Makeup | Fenty Beauty Slip Shine Sheer Shiny Lipstick in Retro Rose

Fenty Beauty slip shine lipstick retro rose review

Wow, what a mouthful! As soon as I saw the latest addition to Rihanna’s makeup line being advertised, I knew I would be picking up one (although there are about four other shades I want too!). A sheer, shiny, nourishing lipstick? I’m in! 

fenty beauty slip shine retro rose review

I picked up the shade Retro Rose which is described as a dusty pink and is a perfect my lips but better shade for me. It’s creamy to apply, feels super comfortable on the lips as it’s so moisturising and though it’s sheer it’s buildable to a deeper shade. It’s got a very subtle vanilla scent and it also contains pomegranate butter to condition and smooth lips. 

What I am most impressed with however is how long this lasts on my lips. Most sheer lipstick/balm hybrids wear off quickly but this stays put for hours before I even contemplate topping up and lasts through copious amounts of tea! It has a very small amount of glitter in it but this isn’t noticeable or chunky at all and doesn’t leave a grit behind!

fenty slip shine lipstick review

The packaging is sturdy with a satisfactory click when closing and I love the outer casing, it doesn’t look like anything else I have! This is my first Fenty Beauty lip product but I already love their Sun Stalk’r Bronzer which you can read about here and I also just repurchased the Pro Filt’r foundation again too! I really hope she comes out with powder blushers soon too as the cream ones look beautiful but it’s not my favourite formulation!

fenty slipshine retro rose swatch
l-r: NARS Afterglow lip balm in Dolce Vita, Fenty Slip Shine in Retro Rose, Charlotte Tilbury Superstar Lips in Pillow Talk, Jouer Essential Lip Enhancer shine balm in Rose
I’ve included swatches here too with a few other lip balms so you can see the shade and I’d say the Slip Shine is most comparable to Charlotte Tilbury Superstar Lips in Pillow Talk in my collection – both are beautifully comfortable and longlasting though, yes, expensive! But yanno treat yo self! 

I managed to pick mine up from Boots when they had 15% off but they are normally priced at £19 or $22 and available from Boots, Harvey Nichols or Fenty Beauty!

P.S. I finally got a new phone so expect photos in portrait mode for the foreseeable bahahaha

Danielle xx

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Sunday, 12 July 2020

Self Tanning with Bali Body

During lockdown I had been super lazy with tan and wasn’t even bothering with makeup while I was working from home which is unheard of for me but I’ve been back in the office for over two months now so back to making an effort. Fake tan is an instant mood booster for me, it makes me feel and look healthier and as I’m not one for sitting out in the sun (unless I’m on holiday) it’s usually the only way I get a tan! 

Bali body self tan dark remover review

As a serial fake tanner I was excited to be contacted by Bali Body to try out their new self-tan remover and of course their self-tanning mousse last month! I’ve been trying them out along with their luxe tanning mitt and exfoliating mitt so here are my thoughts! To give a quick rundown of the company, they originated in Australia where the products are made in Melbourne and they are vegan and cruelty free. Australians know their fake tan so that’s a good start for me but all products are dispatched from the UK so no real wait time for them arriving!  

Bali body self tan remover review

Before tanning it goes without saying that prep is key and I have a whole other post on what I do to prep my skin in my Tanning 101 post here! The Self Tanning Mousse RRP £25.95* applies really easily and has a guide colour so you are able to see if you have missed any bits making it fool proof. I just apply in circles everywhere I want to tan and it develops really nicely overnight into a very natural looking tan. I was worried as I have previously found mousse formulations to be a little drying on my skin but this one isn’t! It contains coffee seed extract, coconut oil and pomegranate extract giving it antioxidant, rejuvenating and anti-aging properties and it also smells a lot fresher on application than some fake tans I have used in the past! It’s fast drying so I can get into my pyjamas quickly after applying and l leave it on overnight before rinsing off the next morning.

Though a fair layer washes off, it leaves a really good natural shade of tan and over the course of a week this fades very evenly and doesn’t look patchy at all! I find I usually top up my hands a couple of times during the week as I am washing and sanitising them so much more than usual so the tan is fading faster there. The Luxe Tanning Mitt RRP £12.95* feels velvety and is so much more luxurious and softer than the foam ones you can get! I find the space for your thumb makes it much easier to be precise with application and it’s streak free every time. It’s definitely worth the higher price tag in my opinion as they last so much longer with proper care!

The Self Tan Remover RRP £18.95* was the product I was most intrigued about as I always thought products like this were a bit of a novelty so hadn’t tried one before but I can’t believe how impressed I am with this! It contains aloe vera, glycerine, jojoba oil and rose extract so my skin never feels dried out when I use this and the scent is lovely. You just rub it on with your hands to areas that had tan on and let it sit for five minutes before rubbing off in the shower with the Exfoliating Mitt RRP £12.95*. Literally all my tan came off with a quick rub and the exfoliating mitt doesn’t feel rough or scratchy at all! I am super impressed with this combo especially on my feet as I find it so hard to get the tan off round my ankles! The exfoliating mitt seems a little pricey to me but like with the tan mitt, I am happy to pay more for something that will last a long time with good care and the quality feels good but you could definitely get away with some cheaper exfoliating gloves too. 

Bali body self tanning exfoliating mitt

Overall, I am really impressed with the products I have been sent and if you are on the lookout for a new tan I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bali Body! I was also impressed with how the tan and self tan remover came packaged as they were sealed and if you have ever had a fake tan bottle leak in transit you will know what I mean! Do you use fake tan? Let me know your favourite tanning brands in the comments! 

*denotes a PR sample that was sent to me. All opinions are my own. See my full disclosure here. 

Danielle xx

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Sunday, 5 July 2020

Forever Repurchased #9

Good morning! I’ve been doing some shopping recently so thought I’d quickly talk through the repurchases that have made the cut for me! 

tigi small talk OUAI North Bondi review

If you have read my blog for any length of time you may know what a huge fan I am of OUAI! They are hands down my favourite haircare brand and a few years ago they released some perfumes of the signature scents of their products! I’ve just finished my original North Bondi which I got back last summer and immediately repurchased it as I am obsessed with the scent! I am no good at explaining scents and it’s such a personal thing anyway as they smell different on everyone but here are the notes for anyone interested and it smells like the wave spray and leave in conditioner: 
Top Notes: Bergamot, Apple Blossom, Raspberry, Italian Lemon
Heart Notes: Rose de Mai, Jasmine, Violet
Base Notes: Patchouli, Sandalwood, White Musk
Trusty old Look Fantastic also had 20% off so I may have treated myself to Melrose Place too hehe. I don’t find this the longest lasting perfume I’ve ever had but that might be due to the fact I can barely smell it off myself though I always get compliments when I wear it J

This is one of my most long term hair loves but I’m not sure it’s ever featured on my blog before! I think this may be my 3rdor 4thbottle and I know I definitely left one behind in Canada and had to chuck an old one I found when I got home! It’s a thickening cream you add to damp hair which doesn’t weigh my fine hair down at all, gives it more body through the ends, hydrates and smooths it and you guessed it, makes it look thicker! It smells like blueberries and I am so glad to have it back in my life and I am already noticing I am picking my split ends less! I would really recommend shopping round for it as it’s always on offer, I actually got this in Home Bargains for £4.99, they have such a great hair section! 

Did anyone else take advantage of the Boots offer the other week when this was £10? Again, it’s been a while since this was in my collection but I am so excited to reintroduce it as I used to love it! It’s the perfect gentle exfoliant to use daily and with consistent use I always used to see improvements in my skin texture and leftover scarring. 

I’ve received these previously through PR but you know it’s good when you continuously repurchase them yourself! I’ve been going through hand cream at a rate of knots at the minute and couldn’t wait to get these back in my collection after using up some ones I had in my stash already! They are lightweight but so hydrating and they sink in quickly and smell so fresh! Can’t recommend them enough! 

I finally found some Tresemme Dry Shampoo! This was my go to brand when I lived in Canada as it was so affordable, left no white cast and give my hair some added volume! Hoping it’s the same formula here, I’ll be sure to report back! 

I’d love to know if you have been making any purchases recently? I was so good for so long but have went a bit crazy recently! Still waiting on a few to be delivered then I might do a round up haul post! 

Danielle xx

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Sunday, 28 June 2020

Product Empties #26

product empties reviews Bardot vaseline BeautyBio olaplex

Another month another empties post! So close to finishing so many other products at the minute as well but they weren’t quite ready for this post and good job too as it’s a big one again! 

empties review vaseline snow fairy
Vaseline Intensive Care Essential Healing non greasy lotion 
Love this stuff, it’s so lightweight yet hydrating and the scent is so soothing to me! Already repurchased! 

Lush Snow Fairy shower gel
Sickly sweet but nostalgic and I buy one every year as it's limited edition! I actually picked this up in the sale after Christmas as its expensive and I savoured every last drop! Will buy again when it’s out later this year! 

Marks and Spencer Rose and Lavender hand creams
Got these for Christmas and been using them up at work, I don’t love the scent as I find them a little old fashioned but they do an OK job of hydrating my hands after my many handwashes through the day. Will not repurchase. 

Bath and Body Works Stress Relief Eucalyptus and Spearmint anti-bacterial hand gel 
My favourite hand sanitisers as I am obsessed with the scent. Wish I could get these at home! Have a few backups and will repurchase in the future. 

skincare empties review BeautyBio the balance Mario badescu origins

BeautyBio The Balance pH Balancing Cleanser*
A really lovely gel cleanser that’s got quite a medicated smell which I personally love! Didn’t strip my skin at all and you can read more about it here! Would only repurchase if I saw a good discount as I think its overpriced at £45 for 180ml. 

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater (236ml and 118ml)
One of my favourite facial sprays, this is so hydrating and refreshing and I love having this in my handbag or on my desk at work to spritz throughout the day! Have a few others on the go at the minute but I’m sure it won’t be long before I repurchase! 

The Body Shop Camomile Sumptious Cleansing Butter
I spoke about this recently in my budget skincare post and I think it’s amazing whatever your budget! It feels so luxurious and it melts away all traces of makeup easily as well as not being irritating on the eyes. Perfect to travel with too as the tin is so lightweight! Will repurchase in the future. 

Origins Drink Up Intensive overnight hydrating mask
Another favourite – this is one of my most repurchased skincare items! My skin quite literally does drink this up and always feels plump and hydrated in the morning. Have already repurchased the full size!

Alpha H Absolute Eye Complex
I originally thought this was going to be a cream texture with a metal applicator so I started out being a little disappointed by this as it’s a gel in a pump (I think since I purchased it now has a metal applicator). However, once I got over that I really enjoyed its cooling properties and found it to be hydrating enough too, it’s also got niacinamide which I love. Might come back to it in the future but going to try a few others first. 

The Inkey List Hyaluronic Acid 
This is my second bottle of this and I always seem to resort to it when I’m desperate and almost out as it’s so easily available. But, it does not do a thing for me in terms of helping with hydration and I find the formula a little watery and sticky as opposed to thick and easily spreadable like say NIOD MMHC or Mabel + Meg Lumilixir. Won’t be repurchasing – if you want a good budget hyaluronic acid, the Good Molecules offering is the best I have come across so far! 

Algenist Genius Ultimate Anti-aging cream
Nice overnight cream but didn’t blow me away (probably because it was just a sample as I know so many people swear by Algenist!) Wouldn’t repurchase.

Blistex Lip Medex lip balm
My favourite budget overnight lip balm. Love the medicated scent and it stays on all night. Will repurchase once I finish up a few others! 

Dr Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Acid
Now this formula is what I’m talking about! Really lovely but way out of my budget at £235 for 30ml so will not be repurchasing! 

Sephora Rose lip balm
Not very hydrating, won’t be repurchasing! 

Fresh Sugar Rose tinted lip treatment 
Bit of a cult classic now, these balms are lovely and hydrating but I hate how “melty” the stick is so won’t be repurchasing! Shocked at how much was left in the tube too, I scraped it out while I was still working from home haha. 

product empties review haircare olaplex no3 no4 no5

Bardot Dry Shampoo
Picked two of these up when they were on offer a while back for £2.50 rather than £19. Really nice formula, soaked up excess oils without making my hair look dull and left no white cast but I don’t love the scent, little too floral for me. Would repurchase if on offer again. 

Klorane Anti-Pollution detox shampoo with Aquatic Mint (giveaway prize and previous PR relationship)
Really refreshing scent and Klorane products are so gentle they work great with my tangled hair. Cleansed well and I would repurchase again but probably go for the original oat milk! 

Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector
One of my favourite hair treatments and one I have repurchased many times now! I like to leave this on for a few hours and after washing out my hair is softer and feels more hydrated which is essential for me as my ends are so dry! Read more about it here! 

Olaplex No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo
Really impressed with how much this lathered up with such a small amount considering its SLS free and my hair always feels super clean after use! I don’t love the scent as it’s a little too citrus/lemony for me but I would repurchase again in the future. 

Olaplex No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner
Another one I’m impressed with – this is a lovely thick conditioner that makes my hair soft and manageable but again I don’t love the scent. Would overlook it to buy again though as it’s so good! 

revlon ColorStay combo oily buff review

Revlon Colorstay foundation for Combination/Oily Skin in Buff
One of my most repurchased makeup items! It’s my favourite budget foundation as it offers good coverage and it's matte and I wrote more about it here! Already repurchased and have several back-ups! 

Well done if you made it to the end of that! I have quite a few almost finished products again already so I’ll probably have another one of these up soon! Do you love finishing products as much as me haha? 

*denotes a PR sample that was sent to me. All opinions are my own. See my full disclosure here. 

Danielle xx

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