Friday 30 December 2022

Product Empties #43

product empties daniellesbeautyblog

Welcome back! I haven’t been very active lately but I have a couple of posts planned then I might disappear again, we’ll see! This is a positively tiny empties post for me but I did two huge batches just before I left for Canada in September and I mainly brought new/full products with me. That, as well as being on a bit of a roll with hauling lately, has meant it’s taking me a lot longer to finish products up that I would like. I want to start fresh in the new year though so it’s time to go through my trash! 


haircare empties daniellesbeautyblog


Schwarzkopf got2b Dry Shampoo

One of my favourite budget dry shampoos – I brought this over with me from home and it works really well as absorbing oil and doesn’t leave a white cast! Would repurchase!


TRESemme Volume Dry Shampoo

A Canadian purchase (and one I had to check the batch code for due to a recall – read more here). Another nice budget option that absorbs oil and leaves no white cast but the recall has made me rethink purchasing this again! I do have another bottle to get through and my products were not affected so I probably will repurchase in the future.


Living Proof PhD Dry Shampoo

Pricey but the best dry shampoo I have used - like the more affordable ones, this absorbs oil and leaves no white cast but it also leaves my hair with volume and its effects last longer and I don’t have to use as much! I got a good offer on this during the Sephora sale so stocked up on a few more sets! 


bodycare empties daniellesbeautyblog


Nivea Crème Aloe Hydration Body Wash

Fresh aloe scent and this huge bottle lasted me ages! Already repurchase in the classic Nivea scent which I prefer!


Nivea Smooth Body Lotion

One of my favourite moisturisers, this smells so fresh and clean and absorbs quickly leaving my skin moisturised. Will repurchase! 


Morrocanoil Body Polishing Scrub

Tiny sample so only got a few uses out of this but I really enjoyed it! It smells luxurious and felt very hydrating due to the oils but there was also a good amount of scrub! Would repurchase if on a good offer!


Necessaire The Body Serum

My favourite Necessaire product though pricey for what it is! it’s a hyaluronic acid treatment that’s a gel formula and it absorbs into the body quickly. I do think this helps with extra hydration but while it feels luxurious, I don’t see a massive difference in this compared to when I use a budget HA so not a repurchase for me! See my Necessaire review here!


skincare empties daniellesbeautyblog


NIOD Sanskrit Saponins*

I really like this cleanser and have been through a few tubes now! It’s not a makeup remover so works best as a second or morning cleanse. It has a bit of a funky scent but works well to clarify and make pores look minimised and it doesn’t dry out the skin! Will repurchase in the future! See my full review here!


Nivea Double Effect Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

I have lost count of how many bottles of this I have gone through, it’s an absolute must have if you wear waterproof mascara! It removes it with ease and a bottle lasts a decent amount of time. It’s more expensive in Canada than the UK but worth every penny! I have found Amazon to be cheapest when purchasing it here and I already have a backup! See my full review and some other budget skincare picks here!


Murad Correct & Protect Serum Broad Spectrum SPF 45*

I really didn’t want to like this one as at £68 for 30ml it ain’t cheap but it’s gorgeous!

As well as offering sun protection this is also a hybrid product that has been proven to correct discolouration and prevent future hyperpigmentation! When I first rubbed it into my skin it felt a little on the greasy side, so I was worried and while it’s a white liquid, once it’s rubbed in, it left no white cast (I have fair skin for reference) and there was no pesky pilling! Makeup applies so well on top and looks smooth and it feels so hydrating as well as no stinging round my eyes! Out of my price range right now but I would love to repurchase in the future! See my full review here!


Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

A lovely lightweight, cucumber scented, balancing, non-drying cleanser. I have another mini to get though of this but would consider a repurchase in the future of the full size! See my fulll review here!


Bondi Sands Thirsty Skin Hyaluronic Acid*

One of the best budget hyaluronic acids I have tried! This is one of the thickest formulas I have tried, and I love the gel texture! It spreads easily, leaving my skin feeling soft and supple, locking in moisture and plumping and filling out my fine lines! As well as HA, it also contains glycerin and I will repurchase in the future! Read my full Bondi Sands skincare review here!


Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm

My favourite cleanser! The balm is so luxurious, it melts easily on touch, a little goes a long way and it spreads like a dream. It feels hydrating and balancing and removes heavy makeup as well as waterproof eye makeup with ease. The scent is uplifting and never stings my eyes and it’s well worth the money! Will repurchase! See my full review here!


Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

I think I had another mini of this before and wasn’t that impressed but this time round I loved it! It’s very lightweight so I think it would work better for me in the summer but saying that it did keep my skin hydrated overnight! Would repurchase!


Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Kiss Lip Butter

This jumbo sized lip balm leaves a gorgeous hydrating sheen behind and it lasts so long between top ups! It contains cupuaçu, acai and coconut oil and makes my lips feel so soft and I love the scent of the lip butter too – its not overpowering at all and once it’s on you can barely smell it! Will repurchase! Read my full review here!


Burt’s Bees Watermelon Lip Balm*

My favourite lip balm formula in a new scent to me but honestly, I prefer the OG mint, this is a little artificial smelling for me but it’s the same amazing formula that leaves my lips feeling hydrated for hours! Have already repurchase the original mint flavour again! Read my full review here!


purely inspired collagen peptides review


Purely Inspire Collaged Peptides

I’m finding it difficult to get a hold of my usual Vital Proteins so switched to this and am enjoying it so far! It doesn’t dissolve quite as well but I mix it well and tend to just down it. My joints always feel much better when I take collagen and I hope it works for my skin too but I don’t notice much difference with that!


So that’s my little end of year empties! I’ll hopefully be back with a bigger batch in the new year! Let me know if you’ve tried any of the products I mentioned and what you thought!


*denotes a PR sample that was sent to me.

All opinions are my own. Affiliate links used.

See my full disclosure here.


Danielle xx


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Monday 7 November 2022


deciem niod cais cail review and comparison

It’s DECIEM sale time again so since I have already reviewed most of the NIOD line, I thought I would concentrate on the copper amino isolate products today! If you are a long-time reader of my blog you will know that the Copper Amino Isolate Serum is my absolute all-time favourite skincare product and I’ve now had a chance to use up the Copper Amino Isolate Lipid so here are my thoughts! 


deciem niod cais cail comparison and review

Copper Amino Isolate Serum 3 1:1 (CAIS3) RRP £65* is now in its third generation and it’s been a staple in my skincare rotation in previous forms since circa 2016. A copper peptide serum, unlike its previous incarnations, you don’t have to play scientist with this one as it comes premixed and it’s a blue watery liquid with a slight vinegar scent (don’t worry it dissipates very quickly!). It’s a pro-repair and pro-collagen serum that maintains healthy looking skin by targeting signs of skin ageing including textural damage, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores and a lack of radiance. 


niod cais3 review

This is easily my favourite serum in my stash and while this one was received in PR, I have bought countles bottles of this myself and will continue to do so! My skin really does look and feel much healthier when I use this consistently. It’s more even, clear and firm and it really does what it says on the tin – it’s a must have! This sinks in quickly and can be used in the morning and evening, but it is recommended to not use with acids, Vitamin C, EUK, or strong antioxidants. I tend to keep my routine simple when using this serum as it does all the heavy lifting for me! After the first few bottles of this I went through, I noticed its effects more when I stopped using it and I always have it in my stash now! 


deciem cail cais review

Moving on to the Copper Amino Isolate Lipid (CAIL) 1% RRP £72 and this one took me a while to get my hands on as it was out of stock for so long! Nevertheless, I’m glad I finally got the chance to try it! Like CAIS, it’s a copper peptide formula but this one is suspended in squalane so melts into skin and takes on more of a balmy, gel, oil-like feel and it’s designed for evening use. Again, its pro-collagen, pro-lipid and pro-fat and aims for healthy looking skin. It also has the added benefits of building and enhancing skin elasticity. The same products as mentioned above should be avoided alongside this as well as resveratrol and ferulic acid and I tend to use this as my last step in a simple evening routine. My skin feels well supported and hydrated overnight and like with CAIS, overall, it looks better and healthier with consistent use. 


niod cais cail review

If you’ve been on the fence about trying either of these due to their price, now is the time while NIOD have their yearly 23% off sale! My personal favourite is the serum, it fits better into my routine as I can use it both AM and PM and it also works out better value for me with the 30ml being £65. CAIL does go a long way and is lovely to use as a treatment (especially in winter!) but I just love the serum more! 


deciem niod cais cail review comparison


niod cail cais review

CAIS comes in both 15ml and 30ml versions while the CAIL only comes in a 15ml tube. As well as the DECIEM website NIOD is available from Cult Beauty, Space NK and Beauty Bay.  

See my other NIOD reviews here and here if you want some more ideas for the sale! Have you tried the brand before? Let me know your favourite product or what you are planning to pick up!

*denotes a PR sample that was sent to me.

All opinions are my own. Affiliate links used.

See my full disclosure here.


Danielle xx


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Sunday 9 October 2022

Product Empties #42


product empties danielles beauty blog

Long-time no speak! I took a little extended break from posting as I just moved back to Canada for another working holiday but I’m keen to get my last batch of empties before I moved up on the blog! I’ll also hopefully get back to more regular posting in the next few months when I settle into my new place! 


haircare empties living proof, frank, olaplex


Living Proof PhD Dry Shampoo

Now I’ve finally tried this I completely get the hype! Definitely the best dry shampoo I’ve used, this claims to actually clean hair and absorbs oil, sweat and odour! It’s much pricier than my normal go to dry shampoo so I reserve this for days when my hair will be seen but it’s so good I have already repurchased!


Frank Body Caffeinated Scalp Scrub

Really enjoyed this, felt nice and scrubby and worked into my scalp easily leaving it feeling clean and invigorated! Will repurchase in the future!


Olaplex No. 3

This needs no introduction; I go through these on the regular so this supersize was a good investment for me! I use weekly and find my hair to be in much better condition and stronger while using regularly! Read more here! Already repurchased!


ESPA Pink Hair and Scalp Mud*

Only a sample size and I didn’t notice much difference with this when I used it so not a repurchase for me! See my post on ESPA here!


bodycare empties good molecules lush ameliorate


Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel

Love this, it smells incredible and makes my skin feel so nourished and the bottle lasts forever! Will repurchase soon!


Good Molecules Discoloration Correcting Body Treatment*

So impressed with this treatment from Good Molecules! I already love their skincare so I hope they add more to the bodycare line! This worked so well on darker pigmentation from old acne marks on my chest and back! It felt lightweight and hydrating too and as it’s a targeted treatment it will last a while too! Read more here! Would repurchase!


Elemental Herbology Zest Bath & Body Oil*

My second one of these and probably my favourite body oil! It’s absolutely beautiful, I love the uplifting scent and it doesn’t feel greasy at all. The bottle lasted me ages too and I love how it has a pump! Read more here! Would repurchase!


Ameliorate Intensive Foot Therapy

This was a really great overnight foot cream, it felt super rich and made my feet so smooth! Another one I would repurchase!


Prai Beauty Ageless Upper Arm Cream

Nice cooling cream but nothing special for me! Not a repurchase!


Sol de Janeiro Bom Dia Bright Cream

Smoothing but not my favourite scent from SDJ so not a repurchase! I’ll stick to Bum Bum cream! 


skincare empties dermalogica murad inkey list vichy


Dear Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner*

A classic K Beauty toner I have talked about many times! It works great for my skin and feels hydrating and soothing! Would repurchase!


CosRX Cica Cleanser*

Really enjoyed this cleanser, it had a creamy lather and was perfect as a morning or second cleanser for me. It didn’t feel drying and lasted a long time! Read more here! Would repurchase!


Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant

A bit of a cult product and for a reason! This worked great for me when my skin was more problematic. I haven’t been reaching for it as much since I finished Accutane but it’s still nice to have as it works so well with acne! Would repurchase!


The Inkey List Hyaluronic Acid Cleanser*

Not my favourite cleanser from The Inkey List, I found this a little more drying than I was expecting for a HA cleanser and I much prefer their Fulvic Acid cleanser. Read my full review here! Not a repurchase for me!


Murad Vita-C Glycolic Brightening Serum*

One of my favoruite recent skincare discoveries, I absolutely love this serum and saw a dramatic difference in my skin brightness when using it! It’s the best Vitamin C formulation I have used and worked wonders on pigmentation. Full details here but it’s well worth the money and I was kindly sent a top up from the brand but I would repurchase with my own money also!


Dermalogica Biolumin-C Gel Moisturiser*

Another brilliant Vitamin C products, this was the perfect summer moisturiser for me! Lightweight and brightening and it sat well under makeup. Not quite hydrating enough for winter for me but I would repurchase for summer! Read more here!


NIOD Copper Amino Isolate Serum3 1:1*

Probably my most repurchased serum, I love this stuff! My skin just feels and looks better and healthier when I use it and I hate being without! My full review is here but I already have a backup in use!


NIOD Copper Amino Isolate Lipid 1%

Finally got my hands on the lipid version too and while it doesn’t quite beat the serum for me it’s a gorgeous overnight treatment with added hydration. Enjoyed but not a repurchase!


Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse*

A beautiful cleansing oil though I sometimes tend to avoid my eyes with this as I can find the essential oils a little strong for them! It smells lovely and citrusy and removes makeup with ease! Already using a full size!


The Inkey List Omega Water Cream*

So impressed with this moisturiser from The Inkey List! It’s lightweight but hydrating and sits well under makeup. One of the best budget buys I have found this year! Full review here and I already have a backup ready to go!


The Inkey List Madecassoside Mask*

This felt very cooling and invigorating on my skin so I think it would be perfect after a workout etc when you want to cool down! It’s not the most calming mask I have tried which is what it is billed as though so not a repurchase for me! See my full review here!


Hello Sunday The Everyday One SPF 30

Sadly, not a fan of this one, I have never had a product pill on me as much as this. No matter what I tried it with and how long I left between layers of skincare I had the same problem. It did feel lightweight and left no white cast on me but the pump was also awful and I ended up having to open the bottle to get the product out. See my full review here! Not a repurchase!


Vichy Mineral 89 Probiotic Fractions*

Great little serum that is hydrating and calming so perfect for stressed out skin! See my full review here! Already have a backup!


Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant*

One of my favourite exfoliants! You can control how gentle you want this to be with water and it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and it’s not harsh at all! Love! A bottle lasts forever too. See my full review here and I have a full size of this!


Kate Somerville Exfolikate Cleanser

Used this cleanser mostly on trips away and enjoyed it, not drying and made my skin feel smooth. Not a fan of the scent though, smells a bit like bathroom cleaner so not a repurchase!


Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen SPF 30

I was surprised by this one as I expected to hate it, but I actually didn’t mind it! It’s very dimethicone-y so I felt like I used less of this than a standard SPF but it sat well under makeup. Not my favourite SPF though so not a repurchase!


The Inkey List Caffeine Eye Cream*

A great budget eye cream that feels lightweight and de puffing. I have others I prefer though so not a repurchase for me at the minute!


Avene Cleanance SPF 50

This had a bit of a yellow tinge but worked well and didn’t pill. Again, I have others I prefer, so not a repurchase! 


makeup empties becca, charlotte tilbury essence


Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray

Love this stuff! The trick is to spray before makeup as well as after and it really helps with the staying power! Already repurchased and using!


Becca Backlight Priming Filter

Still gutted Becca is no more! This was one of my favourite radiance giving primers that I used to mix with foundation! Let me know if you have a dupe! I have a mini left to use then I will need to find something new – maybe the ELF Halo Glow?


RCMA No Colour Powder

A little on the drying side but a good budget mattifying option. Will maybe repurchase in the future!


Essence Lash Princess Waterproof Mascara

So disappointed with this – not waterproof and I had black marks under my eyes after a few hours. Awful! Not a repurchase!


Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

Another disappointment, transfers after a few hours and the wand is tiny so takes ages to coat lashes! Not a repurchase!


Benefit They’re Real Mascara

I was impressed by this, took it on a trip to Prague earlier in the year and no running or transferring even though it isn’t marketed as waterproof etc. Gave good volume and separation too! Will potentially make a full size purchase in the future!


By Terry Terrybly Lash Growth Mascara

Quite a dry formula and I found it to be a bit flaky. Not a repurchase.


Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

Again, a little flaky but nice volume. Not a repurchase!


Anastasia Lash Brag Mascara

Another flaky one but again good volume/separation! Not a repurchase though! 


sanctuary spa product empties


Frank Body In Your Dreams Sleep Scrub and Soak

Nice bath soak and it dissolved well – worked better as a soak than scrub, I prefer their actual scrubs! Not a repurchase!


Sanctuary Spa Sleep Mist*

Really relaxing sleep mist that I came to associate with bedtime/relaxing! Full review here! Would repurchase!


Sanctuary Spa Calming CBD Oil*

Perfect to add to your bath or as another extra in your wind down routine. I preferred the other products in this range but it’s affordable so would possibly repurchase!


As you can see, I was on a mission to get things finished off! I took mosty new/ very full products with me so I think it will be a while before my next empties instalment! Let me know your thoughts if you have tried any of these!


*denotes a PR sample that was sent to me.

All opinions are my own. Affiliate links used.

See my full disclosure here.


Danielle xx


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