Tuesday 8 October 2019

Product Empties (skip a few) #21

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It’s been a while guys! These are my favourite posts to write and I have been saving my empties since I got home in the middle of August in an old beauty box ready for the day I had enough to write this post! 

body care empties nivea soap and glory

One of my favourite body moisturisers, this is creamy, hydrating and smells amazing! Forever repurchased! 

Another of my favourite body care brands, I am obsessed with how fresh this scent is! Also does a great job of moisturising my skin. Forever repurchased.

Another lovely moisturiser, I prefer this scent in the body foam form more so than this moisturising cream but it was very hydrating and smoothing! Would probably repurchase if on offer!

haircare empties vo5 soap and gory klorane

VO5 Refresh me Quick dry shampoo
One of my favourite dry shampoos THAT VO5 HAVE DISCONTINUED!!! I left this (and the next two) at home over 2 years ago when I went to Canada as they don’t have a use by date lol. I absolutely love the scent of this and it worked really well in my hair leaving no white cast, I am absolutely gutted they have discontinued it! 

Another great dry shampoo with possibly the best packaging ever haha this one also smells amazing; I love getting whiffs of it throughout the day and it works well to soak my greasy hair up too! Will repurchase!

Probably the best dry shampoo I have ever tried, it has a very fresh scent, leaves no white cast and does the best job out of the three at keeping my hair looking fresher for longer. I will certainly repurchase this but it’s also the priciest of the three so I need a cheaper replacement also because I go through A LOT of dry shampoo! Will wait to Escentual have 20% of before making a purchase! Dry shampoo recommendations around the £2 mark also welcome, I am not a fan of Batiste unfortunately! 

skincare empties nivea pixi inkey list

If you have read my blog for a while you will be sick of hearing about this! It’s my number one first cleanse as it’s so creamy and gets the majority of my makeup off before I go in with a balm or oil! Its known as Nivea Lotion here and Canada has discontinued this but I found it in Savers at home – not a lot showing up online for it though - tell me it hasn’t been discontinued here too! Already of course repurchased! 

If you know, you know! This dual phase formula makes taking waterproof eye makeup off a breeze. Forever repurchased! 

Drunk Elephant Beste No.9 Jelly Cleanser
I feel very blah about this one, its nice to use in the morning but I don't love it and it doesn't excite me  therefore I would not repurchase! 

I think this is maybe my third bottle of this, it works well on the daily for me as it’s so lightweight but it’s not quite as hydrating as I would like overnight. I absolutely hate the dropper; it never works or dispenses product and they still haven’t updated it! I will probably repurchase this in the future but maybe not to next summer, my skin needs something a little more hydrating for winter, recommendations welcome! 

As far as budget hyaluronic acids go I prefer this over the Ordinary’s offering, however, I unfortunately have expensive taste in hyaluronic acids and nothing beats NIOD or Mabel + Meg’s offerings for me. I will 100% repurchase this through as I can’t afford those back to back and this one is lovely.

I love this! Super lightweight yet very hydrating, I don’t have big dark bags (lol) but they certainly felt brighter and more even toned using this! Will repurchase in the future but I want to try their new Brighten-I eye cream first! 

Obsessed with this, it’s a must have product for me as it’s so hydrating and calming on my skin! I use this about 3 times a week - already repurchased! Also talked about it in my last blog post here!

I enjoyed using this up but didn’t find it any more mattifying that other moisturisers I have so wouldn’t repurchase a full size at this point! 

Nice physical exfoliant however every time I used this it got up my nose and I have no idea how because it doesn’t happen with other exfoliators I use – uncomfortable experience so wouldn’t repurchase! 

Got a good few uses out of this even though it's a tiny sample and I really liked it! Very hydrating and brightening but I don’t think I can get it in the UK! Would repurchase if I was back in Canada or the USA! 

makeup empties estee lauder revlon

My number one can’t live without makeup product! I love this stuff – full coverage, long lasting and looks better the longer I wear it, already repurchased two backups because I can’t live without it! 

I used to get my mum to send me this over from home as its my favourite drugstore concealer and works so well! It’s not drying and does a great job of covering blemishes - already using my back up! 

I have repurchased this numerous times and it does a great job of giving my lashes volume and length while keeping them separated and not going flaky! I refuse to spend more than £10 on a mascara so this is perfect for me and I have already repurchased and started using my back up! 

Another product I have repurchased numerous times1 This is a great alternative to the ABH Brow Wiz through the pencil is not quite as soft! This lasts ages and makes it so easy to fill my brows in! Forever repurchased! 

beauty blender review

Gutted I can’t get these anymore! This is my favourite scent – its eucalyptus and spearmint and smells amazing, sinks in quickly and makes my hands feel clean! Have a couple of back-ups and will probably have to get someone to send me some more over when they run out! 

Sorry for the horrible used beauty blender photo above but I am obsessed with these, they are the only thing I will put my foundation on with! Leaves an even, streak free finish and worth the price tag in my opinion! Already using my back up! 

joe fresh cotton pads

Special mention - Joe Fresh cotton face pads - these are amazing! I don't normally mention the more boring type of products like this but I have been unable to find my favourite soft and gentle ones at home as I think they have been discontinued so if you have any recommendations for a cotton face pad that has indents on it (hope that makes sense) please let me know or tell me your thoughts on reusable cotton pads - are they any good? 

Congratulations if you got through all that! if you are still here I would also love to know your dry shampoo recommendations – I am not a fan of Batiste, and any hydrating serum recommendations (I usually alternate the Pixi one with Vichy Aqualia Thermal!) Thank you! 

*denotes a PR sample that was sent to me. All opinions are my own. See my full disclosure here. 

Danielle xx
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  1. I rarely finish skincare products, I have the bad habit of opening and using too many products at once which makes it difficult to finish them! x


  2. A few of my faves here - love the Nivea eye makeup remover! I have that caffeine eye product and really like it and you also cant beat Soap & Glory! x


  3. I've always trusted your recommendations so the fact that that is possibly your third milky serum you've been through means I have to try it!! I completely forgot about the Collection lasting perfection concealer, what a classic that was!
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

    1. Thank you Charlotte! That means a lot! It's a great product but I definitely prefer it in summer, excited to find one for winter! Xx

  4. Double Wear is the only foundation that I can actually use up! Love your empty posts xx

  5. The Klorane dry shampoo sounds great.



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