Sunday 20 September 2020

Current Skincare | Cleansers #3

cleanser review Elemis Emma Hardie fresh indie lee

Welcome back to another instalment of my current skincare rundown and today it’s my cleansers again! I’m on a bit of a kick at the minute of using up my minis before I buy anymore full sizes so as I’ve been rotating these now for a few weeks I’m ready to give my thoughts! 

Elemis balm drunk elephant slaai review

The First Cleanse 

Elemis Pro-Collagen Rose Cleansing Balm

I was so excited to try this one as it’s such a cult favourite but sadly the hype may have been too much as I don’t love it quite as much as it seems everyone else does! It feels a little like applying melted toffee to my face and though it does remove makeup well and make my skin feel soft, I have found my eyes to be sensitive to it and it leaves them blurry for a bit after I remove it. The rose scent is pleasant but overall at £44 for the full size (105g) this one isn’t for me! 

Elemis balm drunk elephant slaai texture review

Drunk Elephant Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser 

Firstly, I’m not a fan of this brand as there always seems to be some sort of negative reaction from them whether it be their response to BLM or just general customer criticism but like I said, in the spirit of using things up, this cleanser made it into my rotation. I have been distinctly underwhelmed with every other mini I have tried from this brand but I do have to say this has been my favourite product of theirs I have sampled. It’s a hard balm that softens on contact with the skin and like the Elemis cleanser, makes light work of a full face of makeup but no eye sensitivity with this one, hurray! It also comes with a little sachet (see some of them in the texture pic as I am messy oops) of ultra-fine bamboo and charcoal spheres which can be mixed in for a dose of exfoliation and it’s easy to add more or less depending on how gentle you want this to be! At £29 for the full size 110g (with 3g bamboo booster) I think this is more reasonably priced than some of their other products too but it’s not going to be a repurchase for me!

cleanser review indie lee Emma Hardie fresh soy

The Second Cleanse/Morning Cleanse 

Indie Lee Rosehip Cleanser 

I wonder if this has been discontinued as I struggled to find many links for it but aside from that this is a lovely light gel to foam cleanser that left my skin feeling nourished and calmed! It says it removes makeup but I only used this as my second cleanse or morning cleanse so can’t say much for that side of it! It contains rosehip oil which is one of my favourite skincare ingredients as well as seaweed extracts and vitamins A, C and E. Strangely, I do find I get a slight “squeaky clean” feel with this which I don’t normally like but it doesn’t feel stripping at all and I think, due to the ingredients, with long term use I would see more benefits with things like dry patches on my skin so might be more suited to my winter skin! It is £32 for the full size which is 125ml. 


Emma Hardie Moringa Light Cleansing Gel 

The EH Moringa Cleansing Balm is one of my favourite cleansers so I couldn’t wait to try the light gel version! They both have the same luxurious citrus scent but obviously the texture is very different! It contains Moringa, sweet almond oil, omega 6, vitamin E and essential fatty acids so it feels super hydrating on the skin as well as making it feel soft. I personally prefer to use this at night as a second cleanse as opposed to my morning cleanse as the feel of the oils acts like extra hydration for me and I don’t need any extra oil on my skin during the day! This was the smallest of my samples so I haven’t quite fallen in love with it as much as the OG balm cleanser which will be my next cleanser repurchase once I get through my mini stash as the scent has reminded me how much I love it! The full size gel retails for £34 for 100ml. 


Fresh Soy Face Cleanser 

Finally, we have the Fresh Soy cleanser – a super lightweight cucumber scented gel and probably my favourite of the three second cleansers I have featured here! It’s pH balanced and rich in amino acids to help maintain healthy skin and keep it calm and nourished. This one also claims to remove makeup but again I haven’t tested the theory as I much prefer an oil or balm to do that job! I do find this is my current preferred AM cleanse as it’s so balancing and mattifying without feeling like it’s dried out my skin. Very simple but very soothing and £30 for 150ml! 


I am loving using up my stash at the minute so I’m going to try to get some more cleansers into rotation soon as I’m nearly finished all three of the morning cleansers already! If you want to read about my previous cleansers check out the first and second instalments of this series! Let me know if you have tried any of the above or tell your favourite cleansers! 


Danielle xx


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  1. I love the DE cleansing balm and it's brilliant value. It's hard to beat Emma Hardie balm and I really like that Fresh one for a morning cleanse! x


    1. I just picked up the Emma Hardie balm with the Space NK offer this week :) xx

  2. I’ve always wanted to try some products from
    Drunk Elephant! I’ve heard amazing things

    Candice x

    1. Can't say I am a huge fan of them but the balm is nice! xx

  3. I really want to try out the Elemis Cleanser, I have heard such good things!


  4. I tried a sample of the Fresh Soy cleanser and found it irritated my skin, so didn’t work for my skin.

  5. Omg I would love to try DE's cleansing balm! I'm currently using one from Heimish, not really a favorite, I prefer Banila's cleansing balm :/

  6. These skin care products look so amazing! Lovely Post!

  7. Beautiful post, Danielle! I really like the idea of trying out minis first, so to see what works and what doesn't. Cleansers, although easy, can be quite drying so it is nice to explore your options first. I haven't tried the Soy Cleanser yet, but the Strawberry one by Fresh is my favorite (smells like jam, has some sugar bits in it too). Thanks for the post! xx


    1. Ooh that sounds lovely too! Yes, I think its easiest to tell from a cleanser in mini from if it's worth buying than any other skincare product! xx

  8. I try Elemis and Fresh cleansers and they was great for my skin.

    New Post -

  9. Such a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing all of these great products.

    New Post -

  10. I would totally try the cleansing balm, it looks like a promising product! <3

  11. These all look like great picks!

  12. I've recently got to try the Fresh Soy cleanser as it was in a beauty bag from Cult Beauty. Such a winner! I definitely want to get the full size soon. For a first cleanse my personal favourite is the Clinique Take The Day Off cleansing balm, although I've tried many other balm and oil cleansers, that one still wins for me.

    This sounds like such a lovely products! It's awesome when you find that one product that turns out to be a complete game changer. I do agree that it's quite a little pot, you'd think it should be at least as big as a concealer jar. This shade would definitely be too dark for me personally but I'm keep to check out that lighter shade. Great review!

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog

    1. Omg I totally copy pasted a comment from another blog in this comment, so sorry, I really only needed to copy that last line with my link. My bad, oops! xxx

    2. Haha I do that all the time, though usually its pasting in my blog url but I actually paste the blog url on the site I just left a comment on! xx

  13. Hi Danielle, nice compilation of selected skincare cleansers. Good read, thanks!

    Best, Semra |


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