Sunday 27 December 2020

Product Empties #30

danielle's beauty blog product empties


Wow, last post of the year! I hope you were all able to have a nice Christmas! I feel like this isn’t as many empties as I normally have and if I’m honest I’ve slacked off the last couple of months and been trying out new products so it’s been difficult for me to finish a lot! But anyway, I wanted to end the year rounding up then binning my trash so here it is!


body care empties eucerin aveeno review


Aveeno Moisturising Cream

I actually got this on prescription from my dermatologist just before I started Roaccutane and I’ve really been enjoying it! It’s been keeping my skin nicely hydrated and I like how it’s got a pump and there is a lot of product in there too which is great considering how much moisturiser I go through - it sinks in quickly too which is great! The only downside is that it’s unscented which yes is a good thing for sensitive skin, but I do generally like my moisturiser to be scented but it’s a small price to pay and I already have a backup of this! 


Eucerin Intensive Lotion 

This is an old favourite of mine and one I have repurchased countless times! I only use it on my legs and it is amazing if you ever get itchy legs or dry patches! It doesn’t spread as easily as the Aveeno and is also unscented so I don’t use it on my top half. I spoke more about it in my French Pharmacy Favourites post and I will repurchase once I use a few other moisturisers up! 


Rituals Ritual of Sakura body cream

This is more like what I use on my top half! Hydrating and smells good! I laughed while reading one of Siobhan’s posts lately as she mentioned using nice smelling body creams on her top half and cheaper/more bog standard stuff on her bottom half and I do exactly the same thing! I picked up a Sakura gift set recently so I do have a bigger size to use up now! I find the body cream can be a little sickening but I do love the body foam as it’s a much more subtle scent! 


haircare empties review olaplex no0 no3


Bardot Dry Shampoo

I talked about this more in my Dry Shampoo Showdown post but I really enjoyed it! It worked well on my greasy hair to give me an extra day out of it! I found the scent a little too floral for me but I got this on offer for about £2.50 so would repurchase at that price! 


Olaplex No.0

The newest addition to Olaplex’s wonderful line up and this is a primer for my long term fave No.3. You saturate your hair with this, wait 10 minutes then apply No.3 and in conjunction they work to repair damaged hair! I got about 4 uses out of this as my hair is quite long and I actually got my hair cut at the beginning of December so it’s not as damaged as normal but after use if certainly feels healthier. I don’t have a lot of breakage yet but I have already repurchased as I love and trust Olaplex No.3 and want to keep my hair in the best possible condition! 


Olaplex No.3 

Obsessed with this and I spoke more about it in this Haircare Essentials post too but I have been using this for years now and can’t see myself without it! Breakage is dramatically reduced and hair feels much stronger and healthier! Have already repurchased! 


Oribe Dry Texturising Spray

I feel like this was a cult favourite a good few years ago and I finally got round to trying it! I liked it, it definitely added a little volume through my hair but the results were short lived I would say so not a repurchase for me! 


It’s a 10 Miracle Leave In Product 

This is the second time I’ve had this and it’s great for heat protection and smoothing hair, I do prefer the OUAI Leave In Conditioner though so it won’t be a repurchase for me straight away!


Bumble and bumble Bb Glow Thermal Protection Mist 

Another nice product, this one you spray on dry hair so perfect for me before straightening! I like it but won’t be a repurchase just yet! 


skincare empties review pyunkang yul q10 cerave silver serum



Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner

I love this and spoke more about it in this post but in short it’s a very simple, gentle, hydrating gel like toner and my skin drinks this up! I have already repurchased the bigger size! 


Pyunkang Yul Mist Toner 

Another simple, hydrating, calming product and another one my skin loved! I reviewed it here and will repurchase this in the future once I finish a few other mists up! 


Clarol Silver Serum

This is one of those products that is billed as a “miracle product” for acne and while it is a nice moisturiser and works well as a primer under makeup, unfortunately, it worked no miracle on my acne haha. I liked it as a daily moisturiser but I wouldn’t be in a rush to repurchase as I have others I prefer! 


Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel

Another cult favourite and my first time trying! This is a nice formulation of a gel to oil and removed makeup with ease. The full size isn’t as expensive as I thought it was originally but I don’t love the scent so this won’t be a repurchase! 


Sukin Original Hydrating Mist Toner 

A really lovely little spritz that was perfect for keeping in my handbag to top up my face during the day! Super affordable too, this was only £2.50! Will repurchase in the future! 


The Inkey List Q10 

I find the Inkey list very love/hate but thankfully this was one that I loved! A really simple, antioxidant full hydrating serum perfect for fine lines! Will repurchase this again soon! 


Cerave Eye Repair Cream 

Another simple, no frills product that worked well to hydrate my under eyes – have already repurchased! 


Origins Mega-Mushroom Relief and Resilience Soothing Face Mask

A lovely creamy, hydrating and soothing wash off mask! I have been using this regularly in the mornings to calm my redness down before makeup. Would repurchase in the future but using a lot of other masks right now! 


makeup empties review glamglow glowstarter sol de janeiro brazilian kiss



GlamGlow Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturiser in Nude Glow 

I use this as a primer hence why I slotted it in my makeup category! It’s beautifully illuminating but never looks greasy and gives a really nice lit from within look! Love it but have just repurchased the Becca Backlight Priming filter which I find very similar so this will have to wait for a repurchase! 


Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Kiss lip butter

This is huge and leaves a gorgeous hydrating sheen behind and it lasts so long between top ups! It contains cupuaçu, acai and coconut oil and makes my lips feel so soft and the scent is not overpowering at all! I can’t believe how much was left in the packaging once I finished the bullet, I got about another months use out of it by digging it out with a cotton bud! Full review here! Will repurchase in the future!


Pat McGrath Lip Fetish lip balm in clear 

Really luxe little lipbalm, not as longlasting on the lips as I would have liked and the full size is too expensive for what it is so not a repurchase for me but I really recommend the little mini set when on sale! 


MAC Fix+ Magic Radiance

Not very much in this tiny sample but enough to know I liked it and would like to try again! Hydrating and brightening and I would repurchase if on offer! 


disciple miracle drops 1000mg review


Disciple Miracle Drops 1000mg

I know CBD works for a lot of people but unfortunately it doesn’t for me! I was as stressed and wound up as ever in the lead up to some recent interviews! Tried it on my skin only a couple of times so can’t really review that but I personally prefer other oils for topical use. Expensive as well so not a repurchase for me! 


Carex Moisture Hand Gel 

Love this - smells fresh, doesn’t dry out my hands and sinks in quickly without leaving any tacky feeling! Always out of stock but will pick up when I see it again! 


inkey list niacinamide alpha arbutin review


When I mentioned that I have a love/hate relationship with the Inkey List earlier, this is what I meant! Their Alpha Arbutin and Niacinamide just don’t do it for me and aren’t a patch on the Ordinary’s versions which I love. The shelf life is also 6 months compared to the Ordinary’s 12 months so I didn’t even get to finish these but I would not repurchase! 


And that is my last empties of 2020 and my eighth of the year! Hopefully there will be even more next year! Thank you for all your support with reading and commenting this year, I really appreciate it! See you in 2021! 


Danielle xx


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  1. I love empties! There is no feeling like the feeling of using up/finishing a product! I completely agree with you on the inkey list Niacinamide, its pants compared to the ordinary one! x

    1. Exactly! They make me feel so much better about how much I buy because I know at least it's getting used up! xx

  2. I hope you have an amazing new year! Olaplex No.3 sounds so good, I've never tried anything from them, but I know everyone raves about their products xx

    Hannah |

    1. You too Hannah! Olaplex No3 is probably my favourite hair product ever! xx

  3. I love reading product empties, it's so satisfying going through everything. I literally have an enormous bag of empty products that I've accumulated over 5 months but I've been procrastinating because photographing empty posts is always a messy task. haha. Also I've got to try some Aveeno skincare.x

    1. Oh wow that's a lot of empties haha! They make me feel so muuch better about buying more things lol been so impressed with Aveeno! xx

  4. It's a shame you didn't like the Inky list products but good you were able to finish and enjoy so many other products recently! Sukin is a brand we have here and they do quite a few products I enjoy - haven't used that mist yet though! :)

    Hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and you are enjoying this relaxing time between Christmas and new year :)

    Away From Blue

    1. Yes i find them so hit and miss! I love the Q10, Retinol and caffeine eye cream but the AA and Niacinamide I did not rate at all! Thank you so much Mica! Same to you and your family! xx

  5. All of these products seems great. I use Olaplex no3 and love it so much. Happy New Year.

    New Post -

  6. Replies
    1. No3 is a non negotiable porduct in my stash now! xx

  7. I love Rituals body creams - and yes, they're definitely in the 'boobs upwards' category, while Nivea is elsewhere! lol! x


  8. Haven't had the chance to try the opalex brand yet but would love to in 2021.
    Thanks for sharing your empties and happy 2021!

    1. I hope you get hte chance to Radi! Happy 2021 to you too! xx

  9. I love rituals as a brand! I got myself some in the sales (as they usually have such good sales) and the foaming cleanser and butters are my fave. Also desperate to try Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Kiss lip butter! xx

    1. I want to try more of their scents! The brazilian kiss lip butter is worth the money! It's just annoying how much you have to dig out at the end haha xx

  10. So many great product empties! |

  11. So many great items. I would hate to think how much Olaplex I have gone through this year!

    Danielle xx

    1. Hahaha me too! What a lifesaver for lockdown locks! xx

  12. So many great products. Happy new year!
    xx- Nina

  13. All of these products must be great because now the are empties.

    New Post -

  14. I absolutely love Aveeno cream it's so nice for my dry skin


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