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Current Skincare | Facemasks #3


facemask review

I’m back again with another round up of the current facemasks in my collection! First up is the NIOD Flavanone Mud (FM) RRP £40.30* and as with every DECIEM product, there is a fair bit of science behind its fancy name that we won’t go into in too much depth here but you can see on their website! Burnt orange in colour, this is a decongesting mask that purifies the skin, offers a barrier against external pollution and responds and works to improve the skins defence mechanisms. It’s advised to only use once a week for ten minutes and let me tell you the tingle is real with this one while it’s on the skin and for a good bit after! I don’t experience any redness or reaction to it though and it’s my favourite of the bunch I have here today. My skin always feels so smooth after use and looks so much more refined and brighter. I tend to use it on a Sunday evening as a detox/reset for my skin for the week ahead! Read more about it along with some other NIOD products here! 


Sticking with DECIEM, and I got the The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Masque RRP £10.30 in a Space NK box last year. Since finishing up Roaccutane last year, my skin concerns have changed so where once I probably would have used a mask for blemish prone skin like this at least once a week, these days it’s far less, *touch wood*. Saying that, this is a lovely formula that I tend to use on specific areas of my face rather than all over and I also put some on my chest as and when needed too! Along with the BHA, it contains charcoal, Amazonian clays and squalane and works to exfoliate dead skin cells, cleanse pores and reduce inflammation and blemishes. My skin always feels smooth after use with any spots drying up (not out!) and while my skin isn’t as oily as it used to be, this would work wonders on anyone who does have oily skin! Such a good price too! 


pixi facemask review

I still can’t get over the size of the Pixi Vitamin-C Remedy Mask RRP £20*, I don’t think I’ll ever get through it! I got sent this along with the Milky Remedy mask and Rose Remedy mask and while there is no difference in their jelly-esque textures, I think the Vitamin C one is my favourite simply because of the antioxidants included! The mask is cooling to apply (though it can take some extra work getting it off as I apply a thick layer) and hydrating too! It contains ferulic and ascorbic acid but they are quite far down the ingredients list so I’m not sure how effective these are in a wash off mask! Overall, this is a nice cooling experience, and my skin does look fresher and brighter straight after use! I also like to use this on my chest too especially as it’s such a big tub and I am taking my neck and dec care more seriously these days! It also comes with a little spatula that attaches to the side, hygienic! If you shop around, this is regularly on offer for around a third off making it good value


oskia renaissance mask review

oskia renaissance face mask review


I’m finally getting round to trying out the cult favourite Oskia Renaissance Mask RRP £68 (for full size 50ml) and I can see why its reputation precedes it! This is a rose scented and coloured balm that, on contact with the skin, turns to a white colour so you know it’s applied correctly. I usually leave on for 10-20 minutes then before fully washing off, I massage some water to emulsify it and activate the second phase. This contains natural fruit AHA’s and lactic acid to gently exfoliate the skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and leave skin feeling smooth. It never leaves my skin red and despite feeling so gentle, I have been really impressed with how soft and refined my skin looks after! I’m gutted the full size is so expensive as I prefer to spend money on serums rather than masks but this one crops up in GWP’s and beauty boxes quite often so look out for it in those if you want to try before committing to the full size!  


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Lastly, the Inkey List Madecassoside Mask RRP £8.99* which I can’t find online anymore so I am wondering if it’s been discontinued already – it only came out last year? Anyway, this is billed as a mask to provide instant relief to stressed skin and on first use I was surprised to be met with a toothpaste-esque scent, indicating menthol, which is one of the ingredients in this mask. I think it’s a strange inclusion for a calming mask as I know some people with sensitive skin who can struggle with this ingredient! My skin didn’t react however, and the cream formula feels very cooling and invigorating on my skin so I think it would be perfect after a workout etc when you want to cool down! Madecassoside is found in Centella Asiatica and helps to reduce inflammation, redness and itching but personally I have found other calming masks such as the I’m From Mugwort mask to be more effecting in calming my skin! 


facemask review oskia niod the ordinary pixi inkey list

So that’s what’s in my current collection! If you want to read Part One or Part Two of this series, I have linked them for you! Let me know your favourite face mask!


*denotes a PR sample that was sent to me.

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  1. Great post :) A really interesting series, it's great that you are sharing your care with us! Inspirational!
    Greetings from Poland!

  2. I have been so lax when it comes to my skincare recently! I'd love to check out some of these masks :) x

    mia //

    1. Feels so good to have some self-care time! xx

  3. I love face masks Danielle so I am always after recommendations, thank you. My daughter loves The Ordinary Salicylic mask, it really helps with her acne. I love the sound of these masks especially the Pixi Vitamin C mask. Beautiful shots as always xx

    1. So glad to hear it helps with her acne! Thank you for reading Janet! xx

  4. Love face masks. I haven't used these brands but definitely will check them out. Thanks for sharing!

  5. So many fantastic masks here!

    Danielle |

  6. I can't believe I haven't tried any of these masks! I love FRESH' face masks and LUSH' fresh face masks. xx

  7. The Oskia mask is a staple in my collection. I was a bit underwhelmed by the Pixi masks x


    1. Yeah they are definitely not a necessity when you look at the other more active masks on offer! xx


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