Sunday 26 June 2022

Five Things I’m Loving | June 2022

It’s been a while since I did a Five Things I’m Loving post but I have a few things I’ve been reaching for non-stop so here they are! 


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First up, one of the newest items to my skincare stash, the Murad Correct and Protect Broad Spectrum SPF45 RRP £68*. This, like the name suggests is an SPF serum and I hadn’t tried an SPF in this type of formula before. You apply it as usual, after moisturiser and as well as offering sun protection this is also a hybrid product that has been proven to correct discolouration and prevent future hyperpigmentation! It’s still early days on the long-term claims but I have high hopes for those! As for the SPF side of things, this is a mineral SPF and, in all honesty, when I rubbed it into my skin it felt a little on the greasy side, so I was worried! It’s a white liquid but once rubbed in it left no white cast (I have fair skin for reference) and there was no pesky pilling! Makeup applies so well on top and looks smooth and it feels hydrating enough to me too as well as no stinging round my eyes! Loving this! The only thing not to love as far as I can see is the price at £68 for 30mls!


I’ve just recently finished the Eresos Sweet Almond Hand and Body Oil (2000mg) RRP £65* and it will crop up in my empties in a few weeks, but I’ve really enjoyed using this so had to give it a proper mention! This has a lovely, subtle scent and has lasted me ages! I focus this mainly on my legs at night and a couple of pumps covers each of them. It sinks in quickly, helps me relax before bed and makes my legs feel soft and supple! The blend also helps stimulate the removal of toxins and improve circulation! A bit on the pricey side as most CBD products tend to be but if you fancy a little luxury, you can’t go wrong with a body oil! I have a full review of this and some other products from Eresos on Instagram here!


Another one that’s nearly ready for my empties and I am already plotting a full size repurchase is the Clarins Lip Comfort Oil in Honey RRP £20. I got this mini in a set for Christmas and used it a few times but not consistently then over the last few weeks I have been reaching for it non-stop and now I’m almost out because I love it! It feels silky and not sticky at all and lasts a surprisingly long time on my lips making them comfortable and hydrated for hours. It gives a beautiful shine, contains omega 6 and 9, rose oil and jojoba oil and comes in a bunch of shades!


Next up, the newest foundation to my collection, the NARS Light Reflecting Foundation in Gobi RRP £37.50. I want to do a full review of this along with my other NARS foundations soon so I’ll keep this brief, but I have really been enjoying this! It feels very lightweight on the skin, and it’s a medium coverage but very perfecting base. The formula is a mix of makeup and skincare and supposedly helps improve skins clarity and texture over time but I’m really only interested in the makeup side of things and I have been impressed with how long this wears on my skin! I haven’t found it to separate and it’s been lasting a full day on my normal/combo skin! Like I said, I’ll do a full review along with my other NARS bases once I have used for longer but first impressions are very promising!


Lastly, the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray RRP £26 and I thought I had mentioned this in a post before, but I couldn’t find it so needed to mention it! I am generally quite distrusting of setting sprays – probably because I hadn’t found a good one – and to be honest I wasn’t impressed with this at the start either. However, once I read the instructions and started spraying this before applying my foundation and again at the end of my makeup routine, I saw the light. It's hydrating, lightweight, doesn’t feel sticky and sets my makeup in place perfectly. It helps give radiance to my skin, ensures it doesn’t feel tight and I really can see a difference when I use it! The full size only seems to be in stock at SpaceNK for some reason though the mini is at all the usual places and I will be stocking up again soon!


Have you tried any of these before? Tell me what you thought of them or what your current favourite products are!


*denotes a PR sample that was sent to me.

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Danielle xx


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  1. The Charlotte Tilbury setting spray sounds amazing!

    Ellie x |

    1. It's so good! I just repurchased a back up! xx

  2. The setting spray and almond hand and body oil are my faves. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love the sound of the Murad serum SPF - that's pretty unique! Love the CT Setting Spray x

    1. So impressed with it, sits so well under makeup! And yes, the CT is a staple in my makeup routine now! xx

  4. Can't wait for your review of that NARS foundation! xx

    lenne |

  5. It totally sucks that Nars is not available in South Africa! Definitely one I'd want to try.

    Candice x

  6. If I ever try the CT setting spray I will need to remember to spray if before and after, it sounds like that did the trick! The Murad SPF serum sounds lovely xx

    1. Yes definitely! I noticed such a difference when I sprayed it before! xx

  7. glad to see this round up. the setting spray sounds amazing!
    I hope you have a lovely week

    style frontier

  8. I'm really intrigued by that CT setting spray! Sounds so good. xx

    Zoey |

  9. So good. Love this.

    Love: Mariann Yip


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