Monday 21 December 2015

Product Empties #6

product empties haircare bodycare skincare fragrance makeup reviews

Hi everyone, last empties of the year for me! These have been my favourite posts to write but I always let my empty containers build up a little too much so I’ll try and make them shorter in the new year! Have a scroll through and let me know if you’ve used anything and what you thought!

product reviews haircare garnier tresemme l'occitane philip kingsley philip b ren review

Garnier Fructis Fortifying Shampoo Strength and Shine
This is one of my favourite shampoos, I love the smell and how clean it makes my hair feel, it’s only £1 in Poundland and I've already repurchased!

Tressemme 24 Hour Body Blow Dry Lotion
I've had this for absolutely ages and use it nearly every time I wash my hair. I don’t notice it doing much for volume but it smells lovely and doesn’t weigh my hair done. I probably won’t repurchase straight away.

Philip B Forever Shine Shampoo and Conditioner with Mega Bounce
I got these free with an order on and really liked the conditioner but didn’t see anything special with the shampoo. The samples are small so I maybe didn’t use it enough but the full sizes are ridiculously expensive so I won’t be repurchasing! It has a strange smell but I quite liked it! 

Philip Kingsley Moisture Balancing Shampoo and Conditioner
I really didn’t like these, again because of the size I probably didn’t get a great feel for them but my hair didn’t feel clean even after two washes and the conditioner was just OK. I wouldn’t repurchase!

L’Occitane 5 Essential Oils Shampoo and Conditioner
Again these were more samples that I got from this beauty box but I really didn’t like them!
I have greasy hair so washing it with an essential oil shampoo did not agree with it at all and I had to go back and wash it with my normal shampoo. I ended up doing the first wash with this one then second wash with my own to get it used up. The conditioner was OK but not good enough to make me want to repurchase. If you have dry hair these may work better for you! 

REN Pro Vitamin Conditioner
Not a fan of the smell of this conditioner and again because of the size I found it hard to see if it made a difference. I wouldn’t repurchase.

product review skincare boots garnier lush eyeko pixi dhc kiehls antipodes review

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil
I found this to be quite a dry oil when I first tried it but got used to it and really liked it in the end! I got it in a beauty box and it lasted way longer than I thought considering it’s such a small bottle but a little goes a long way! Would repurchase!

Pixi Glow Tonic
Again another sample from a beauty box, I used this when I was away last month to save me carrying my full size or having to decant it! I love this toner and would have loved to keep the mini bottle for the future but it leaked everywhere! Already repurchased the full size which you can read about here!

Lush Popcorn lip scrub
This is a daily essential for me, I love using it in the morning before putting on my lipstick as it gives me such a good smooth base. Have already repurchased and won one on VelvetBlush’s giveaway so my lips are very grateful! 

Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado
This is really creamy and hydrating and I love using it at night-time but it’s too rich for me during the day. I have a few other eye creams to use up then I will be repurchasing! Full review here!

Boots Essentials Eye Make Up Remover Gel
This isn’t the greatest at actually removing eye makeup but I love it in the morning as its so cooling. Already repurchased!

Garnier Express 2 in 1 Eye Makeup Remover
This has featured on my blog many times before as I love it so much! It’s an oil based eye makeup remover and it’s so good at removing waterproof eye makeup! Already repurchased and using!

Antipodes Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream
I really liked this, it’s light and hydrating, and perfect for taking with you if you are travelling and have liquid restrictions to stick to. I would repurchase in the future when I’m finished a few other moisturisers!

Eyeko Mascara Off Eye Makeup Remover Wipes
I usually don’t use wipes at all but again I got these in a beauty box a while back and took them with me on trips away. They were nicely moist, smelt lovely and were very gentle and effective at removing my waterproof eye makeup. They are about £6 for 10 wipes so I probably won’t repurchase but they were so handy to have!

product empties body care review st tropez ren nuxe caudalie philip b review

St Tropez Tan Optimiser Body Polish
My mum wasn’t using this so gave it to me to finish but to be honest it’s not the greatest scrub I’ve ever used so I wouldn’t repurchase!

Nuxe Body Fondant Shower Gel
This lathered up well but smells horrible, so I wouldn’t repurchase!

REN Neroli and Grapefruit Body Cream and Body Wash
This has quite a light refreshing citrusy scent but I don’t love it and I wasn’t blown away by either of these so I wouldn’t repurchase.

Philip B Nordic Wood Hair and Body Shampoo
This smells a little like bathroom cleaner to me and I prefer my body wash to be more perfumed so I wouldn’t repurchase!

Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream
This has quite an orangey scent but it’s not my favourite hand cream, I feel like my hands were actually a little dry after using it, so I wouldn’t repurchase.

product empties soap and glory fragrance mist you madly dkny be delicious skin hydrating review

Soap and Glory Mist You Madly Fragrance Mist
This is my favourite Soap and Glory scent! It’s a nice weighty metal bottle and it smells lovely however it’s dearer than the body spray which I think smells slightly stronger so I’ll probably just stick to that for the time being!

DKNY Be Delicious Skin Hydrating Eau de Toilette Spray
Be Delicious is one of my favourite perfumes so when I saw this version last year for around £15 I snapped it up! I love popping this in my bag for touch-ups throughout the day and it’s so light and refreshing with a slight apple scent. I already have another one of these!

product empties  makeup laura mercier primer revlon colorstay foundation nyx hd concealer max factor carmex review

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer
Another beauty box sample, I absolutely loved this when I first got it and saved it for special occasions. However, the best before on the back says 6 months and I noticed a sharp decline in quality after this time! I do have another one that I haven’t opened yet and I’m hoping its OK because I really did like this when I first started using it and thought it kept my makeup looking better for longer! I love getting them in beauty boxes but I wouldn’t repurchase it on its own!

Revlon Colorstay Foundation for Combination/Oily Skin
This is my favourite daytime foundation; Buff is a really good colour match for me, it has great coverage and last all day on me! Already repurchased and using!

NYX HD Concealer
I loved this!! It’s so light, creamy and hydrating. I haven’t used it under the eyes as I use different concealer for that but this is perfect over spots and areas of pigmentation as it gives such good coverage. I already have another one opened that I’m using!

Max Factor Mastertouch Under eye Concealer
This featured in one of my first posts here and I’m so glad to be finished it. I have repurchased this concealer so many times in the past but the shade wasn’t working for me and I wasn’t happy with the coverage. Won’t be repurchasing!

Carmex Pomegranate Moisturising Lip Balm
I love this, it’s just a clear balm that lasts ages on my lips and made them feel really hydrated and gave them a bit of shine. I have so many lip balms to get through otherwise I would repurchase this straight away!

Apologies again for such a ridiculously long empties post! So glad to get some of those sample sizes finished though! Let me know if you’ve tried anything or what you thought of it!

Danielle xx


  1. So many bits! I can't ever finish anything, I just buy something else while I'm using something and go back to it! Lovely post hun!
    Fix Me In Forty Five - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog
    Blog Lovin' // Instagram

    1. I used to be like that to til I started doing empties posts! Xx

  2. things for me to try: revlon foundation and nyx concealer :D
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. Wow that's a lot of empties, it feels like an achievement to finish a product for me haha I love the Pixi Glow Tonic and DHC Cleansing Oil and have re-purchased both :) xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  4. I haven't used Fructis shampoo in ages, but it used to be one of my favourites! Must get it again soon. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  5. I love the sound of the Kieh;'s eye cream! xx


  6. Wow you've tried so many products. I love the scent of Soap and Glory products, especially their creams, so I'll have to check out the fragrance mist! The NYX HD concealer sounds great and it actually looks more like a high end product. Thanks for the mention :)

    Velvet Blush

    1. It has such good coverage too! Love the Soap and Glory scent! Xx

  7. Love empties post they are my favourites to read some great products here!

  8. So many empties :) I struggle to finish a product, whenever I get close to finishing it, I stop using it and get a new product. I should finish them all before the new year. I've heard a lot about Kiehl's eye cream, it is on my wishlist!

    1. It's a lovely eye cream! Hehe I know, I'll try not to leave it so long between them next time, that's was a lot of products! Xx

  9. These look great! I especially love LUSH products!
    Miss Olivia Says

  10. Wow lots of product empties and I loved reading this. I have been wanting to pick up the Pixie Toner and the Kiehl's avocado eye cream!

    xoxo Emily

  11. Nice stuff! ♥

    Have a nice holiday, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year | Gabrielle
    ♡ Giil & giveaway ♡

  12. That is such a huge collection of empties! I wish I am patient to keep all the empty packing but I usually just throw them into the recycling bin. LOL!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. I keep mine in 2 empty beauty boxes at the bottom of my wardrobe :) xx

  13. Wow :) a lot of products! The Revlon foundation is amazing!! It's my everyday foundation :) love it soo much.

  14. So many awesome empties, I love the sound of that Soap and Glory Fragrance mist!

    Thirteen Thoughts

  15. Incredible post, i love reading empty posts.

  16. I'd love to try Kiehl's Avocado Eye Treatment!

    1. It's amazing! So creamy and hydrating and the pot lasted me ages! Xx

  17. You have so many empties! I never seem to be able to finish anything. Thank you for the recommendations :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

    1. Doing these post has made me a lot more rutless about finishing products before opening new ones! xx

  18. Wow, so many empties and great products! I'd love to try that Lush Popcorn scrub, it sounds divine! Happy Holidays! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (doing follow for follow on bloglovin or instagram)

  19. I love empties posts! So great to see what you love! X

  20. I buy so many of the Lush lip scrubs that I don't think it's possible to run out haha! I'm so addicted! Loved reading these and seeing what you've been loving recently.

    Bethany | Curly and Wordy

    1. I love them too! I'd be lost if I didn't have one to hand! Xx

  21. You have so many empties, I wish I could be dedicated to keep my bottles and post them but they always end up straight in the bin whoops.

    Good shout on picking up the full size Pixi Glow Tonic, it's a great toner!

    I love your blog by the way, new follower :)

    The Makeup Directory


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