Sunday 24 May 2020

Pamper Essentials | Skin, Hair and Body

Although selfcare is always an important part of my day to day routine, sometimes you need a full body and hair deep clean so here are my current pamper essentials for when I just need my skin, hair and body to feel and look better! 

pamper essentials

Starting with a full scrub with the Frank Body Coconut Coffee Scrub, this stuff is messy but worth it! It feels so invigorating on the skin and leaves my body soft and smooth. It also helps to firm and hydrate! Afterwards, I’ll go in with the Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. People seem to love or hate this scent but it gives me so much nostalgia as I originally had it when I was in Canada. It is super thick and creamy but sinks in quickly and moisturises so well it feels amazing! Sometimes right before bed I will grab the Versed Keep It Supple Body Oil. This is a beautiful, lightweight but hydrating dry oil that makes my body feel so smooth! The scent is also a lot more subtle than the bum bum cream! I’ll then pop some Australian Bodycare Foot Cream on. I've been obsessed with this since I got it, the tea tree scent smells like the beauticians and it does a lovely job of moisturising my feet which need a little TLC coming into summer! All the above has been in preparation for the next night when I tan. The Bondi Sands Liquid Gold is my favourite for a subtle healthy colour - you can’t go wrong with this one. It’s got a guide colour so it’s easy to use, it smells like coconuts and it wears off so evenly! 

Being overdue a haircut and not being able to go to the hairdresser has got me reaching for the hair masks like no other! While my long term favourite is the Olaplex No3 treatment for its reparative properties (read more here), I don’t always have 3 hours spare to leave it in to do its thing! So, recently I picked up the Phyto Phytojoba Mask and having used this a handful of times I can safely say I am IMPRESSED! I leave it in my ends for about ten minutes before washing and rinsing and my ends feel super soft and you can hardly tell how many split ends I have! It seems to last to my next wash too! Sometimes my hair will look so dry a couple of days after I wash it (stretching hair washes to every 4 days now) but it stays smooth and soft with this! Smells lovely too! After that I always spritz with my Ouai Leave In Conditioner, the most luxurious scented brand ever, I am addicted to the scent and how the products make my hair feel! This is great to use as a heat protectant and detangler as well as adding even more hydration to hair without weighing it down! 

pamper essentials olaplex origins phyto

Finally onto skincare and my favourite overnight treatment, Alpha H Liquid Gold. This is an amazing exfoliater that I use regularly as works so well for my skin. I always wake up the next day to brighter, smoother, clearer skin! Though not on the same night, depending on how my skin is feeling I’ll sometimes do a face mask and the Origins Original Skin Retexturising mask with rose clay is the best for refining my skins texture and minimising my pores! Following that I’ll pile on the hydration with the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Hydrating Mask. I’ve lost count of how many tubes of this I have gone through now! It’s so soothing and hydrating and my skin always feels soft and looks so plump after use! Finally, I’ve included the Disciple London Dreamy Skin Retinyl Oil as my last step as it feels and smells so luxurious and it makes my skin feel supple, look clearer and helps with fine lines too! Bonus points for using a roller or gua sha at any point during a skincare routine as well for ultimate pampering! 

I did a similar post almost four years ago here if you want to check out how my tastes have changed! There is one product that has stayed the same! I’d love to know what your pamper essentials are! 

Danielle xx

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  1. I need to try that Phyto mask. Love Bum Bum cream! x


    1. Loving the Phyto mask, it makes my hair feel so good! xx

  2. I feel like this summer is going to be a warm one and I want to wear more dresses. The only problem is I am pale AF so I might try the Bondi Sands Liquid Gold, thank you for the recommendation :).

    xo Sarah | Oomph London

  3. The Frank Body coconut coffee scrub sounds great

  4. Love Bum Bum Cream :)

  5. I love the origins masks so much, they're such great quality and they're so effective too xo

    Makeup Muddle

    1. Totaly agree, my favourite brand for masks! xx

  6. That Phyto mask sounds lovely!! I really need to start upping my haircare routine
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

  7. Wow! This is quite a haul! I have yet to try a good body scrub. Thanks for sharing!

    Jil |

    1. Haha not all bought at the same time thankfully! xx

  8. The Sol de Janeiro body butter is always a nice treat! Loving the Olaplex 3 at the moment too :)

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty


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