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Current Skincare | Cleansers #4

My cleanser obsession isn’t showing any signs of slowing down so here is the latest instalment of my current cleansers!

cleanser collection and review

First Cleanse

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution* RRP £11

I hadn’t tried too many micellar waters before this one and I have no interest in trying any others as this one is so good! I use it to remove the bulk of my makeup before going in with a balm or oil and it is lovely. The formula is gentle, non-astringent and really just feels like water, I was shocked at how much makeup it removed while leaving no residue or film behind! I would say it struggles a little with my waterproof mascara but that doesn’t concern me as I always follow up with another cleanser! Full review here!


The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser RRP £5.50

I am gutted this one is nearly finished! I was so late to the hype over it and it really is a beautiful, affordable cleanser! It feels so hydrating and turns from a creamy balm to a lightweight oil making quick work of removing makeup and never leaving my skin tight when I remove! I will definitely be picking up the jumbo size once this is finished and I get through another few cleansers! This also featured in a recent post all about my favourite affordable skincare picks!


Dr Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Marine Meltaway Cleanser RRP £30

Getting into pricier territory now and this cleanser like the name suggests is packed full of hyaluronic acid and is oil free. It is super creamy and almost feels like rubbing a moisturiser over makeup but again removes it easily (I use a damp face cloth). It’s also got quite an enjoyable sweet marshmellowy scent that adds to the experience and I love the bright blue packaging! My skin feels plump and hydrated after using and while I like this I don’t love it so probably won’t repurchase!


Jordan Samuel Skin The After Show Treatment Cleanser RRP £20

This is a brand I had wanted to try for ages as it’s so heavily hyped and I finally picked up this cleanser just before Christmas. It’s a thick, gel to oil formula so feels very rich and contains plant based oils and natural exfoliators and has a citrus scent. Again, this makes easy work of eradicating my makeup and spreads easily over my face before I remove with a face cloth. My face feels clean and hydrated after use but this is another one I just like and don’t love and I don’t think it will be a repurchase for me!


Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm RRP £47

My HG favourite cleanser and this also featured before way back in my first cleanser collection post! This is the most luxurious balm I have ever tried and as well as being an overall experience it works beautifully to remove my makeup. The balm melts easily and breaks down makeup and the cleansing cloth that comes with it is really thick and soft so perfect for removing the balm. The moringa scent is so uplifting and my skin always feels soft and hydrated after use! It’s the most expensive cleanser in my collection and it’s well worth the money in my opinion, this size pot will last me a lifetime and Look Fantastic always have if on offer so I’ve never actually paid full price for it! I also talked about it more in this post!


Emma Hardie moringa cleansing balm review

Second/Morning Cleanse

Cerave Hydrating Cleanser RRP £9.50

Another great budget pick and one I have already mentioned a couple of times before! It’s so simple, full of ceramides and hyaluronic acid and leaves my skin feeling clean, hydrated and never tight! I got this right when I started Roaccutane in October and have used it almost daily since so it lasts a long time too! Can’t recommend this one enough and it also made my best beauty discoveries of 2020 post! 


pm skincare routine

The Body Shop Deep Cleansing Seaweed Facial Wash RRP £8.50

My mum got me this for Christmas and even though it’s aimed more at combo-oily skin I opened it anyway! Aside from month one on Roaccutane I would classify my skin more as normal than dry the rest of the time I have been on it and I was expecting this to be drying considering it contains SLS and foams but I was pleasantly surprised! It doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight or dry and the scent is very refreshing! I’m going to save some of this for summer as I’d like to see how it performs when my skin becomes more oily again!

Scientia Peachy Clean Milky Oil Cleanser* RRP £24

The newest cleanser to my collection and one that contains oils and glycerin to replenish and maintain moisture. Although this does remove makeup, personally, I prefer something more heavy duty as my main first/makeup cleanse so this has become a second and morning cleanser for me. It feels lightweight and has a pleasant peach scent and the milky liquid emulsifies on contact with water. After rinsing or using a face cloth my skin feels hydrated and soft. There is no tight feeling after use and no residue is left behind! Read my full review from last week’s post here!


And that concludes my current cleansers! Well my open ones anyway! I actually have a few more in my stash as you can see below – what can I say, I am a cleanser junkie! If you want to see the other instalments in this series click here for One, Two and Three! Let me know your favourite cleansers in the comments! 

*denotes a PR sample that was sent to me. All opinions are my own. See my full disclosure here.


danielles beauty blog cleanser collection

Danielle xx


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  1. I adore the Emma Hardie, Jordan Samuel & DDG cleansers! I still need to try Cerave x

  2. LOVE the Emma Hardie cleanser. x

    Zoey |

  3. I definitely see a couple of cleansers I really want to test out in the future so they'll go on my wish list lol!

    xoxo Simone |

  4. I really want to try the Cerave cleanser! But there are some other gems in here!

    Katie |

    1. It is so good and has lasted such a long time! xx

  5. Bioderma´s Sensibio H2O is my the most favourite micellar water! ๐ŸŒธ

    Blog de la Licorne *

  6. So Interesting to see your favourites! I've only tired the Bioderma micellar water and Emma Harde cleaning balm, both of which I also love xx

    1. EH is such a long term love for me, I can't see me ever getting bored of it! xx

  7. Love the sound of all your favourites - I really want to try the Jordan Samuel range, everyone always says good things about the cleanser!

    Molly xx

    1. Yes, I think the hype got me with that one it's nice but I don't love it xx

  8. So many gems in here! Thank you for the thoughts, doll xx

    lenne |

  9. Wou, there are so many. I dont think i have tried any of yours picks, but i would love to try the one from The Ordinary and as well tei CeraVe

    xx Alexandra z ๐•„๐•Š ๐”ธ๐•ƒ๐•Ž๐”ธ๐•๐•Š ๐•ƒ๐”ธ๐•‹๐”ผ / INSTAGRAM

    1. Tow great picks! I hope you love them as much as I do! xx

  10. I've been eyeing this cleanser from The Ordinary for a long time and I truly have to finally test it ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ

  11. Beautifully written post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Minimalist Pastel Interior Dรฉcor

  12. You've got a great collection here. Still really looking forward to trying out the ordinary brand.

  13. I love so many of these products, they are great items!

    Danielle |


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