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Beauty Spend Report | May 2021

daniellesbeautyblog may 2021 spending report

Well, I only thought last month was bad in terms of my spending on beauty but I guess May has knocked it off the top spot - two bank holidays will do that! I got sucked into a few really good deals and also picked up some things I’d had my eye on for a while so here is the breakdown! As usual, I haven’t got round to trying everything properly just yet so this isn’t a review of anything just a spending diary!


Look Fantastic has great deals on all the time but really ramped it up on the bank holiday so I took the opportunity to pick up the NuFACE Mini Facial Toning Device which I have wanted for a while now. Instead of being £167, I got this for £112.19 and in the same order I repurchased the ColorWow Dream Cocktail Kale Infused for Breakage which is normally £23 but I got it for £15.52 – full review here! We won’t mention that I then saw the NuFACE for £105 on the second bank holiday lol sigh. 


Later in the month, I saw the Look Fantastic x Ameliorate Starter Kit which is a brand I have heard so many good things about but have never tried so took the opportunity to pick this set up which was crazy good value – it’s worth over £108 and I got for £30 – it was meant to be £35 but I think their system glitched as I used a code I didn’t think would work but it did! 


look fantastic haul

Then I picked myself up the NYX Banana powder as I like to use a yellow based powder under my eyes and my current one is panned – this is £9 but I got for £7.12. I also grabbed a couple cheaper conducting gel alternatives for my NuFace as the branded one is expensive so chose the Holika Holika Aloe 99% Soothing Gel (£3.15 instead of £3.95) and the Jason Aloe Vera 98% Moisturising Gel Tube (£2.40 instead of £3.99). I’ve been looking to get a new brush for a while too so decided on the Wet Brush Pro Flex Dry (£12.01 instead of £14.99) and finally to get free delivery I added the Holika Holika Mugwort essence sheet mask to my basket which was £1.55 instead of £1.95! Overall this was £26.23 instead of £30.76.


Finally (on Look Fantastic at least) I got sucked in again and made my fourth order of the month which included the new Bondi Sands Pure range – the tanning sleep mask (£8.53 instead of £14.99) and gradual tanning milk (£7.39 instead of £12.99). I also needed a new mascara so got the Maybelline Volum’ Express The Falsies (£7.07 instead of £8.99) and the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum (£47.52 instead of £60) which I have wanted forever and I also got a 4 well ABH palette (£4) for my single I got last month! This total was £74.51 instead of £100.97. 


beauty box haul asos lookfantastic

Every month ASOS release a beauty box for £12 and every month I miss it as it sells out so quickly. Last month, they released two hair themed boxes and by sheer luck I managed to grab them both before they sold out! The Hair Repair Box had a 69% saving and the Textured Hair Must Haves had a 79% saving. I won’t go through every single product included here but the main reason I picked them up were for the full size Olaplex No.3 (worth £26 alone) and the Frank caffeinated scalp scrub. See how much I love Olaplex here!


Another “device” I have been eyeing up this year is the Revlon Salon One Step Volumizer which I got on Amazon for £39.99 (RRP £59.99). I have used this maybe 3 or 4 times now and to be honest I think it’s a bit wasted on me. I can see how it might work on thicker hair but for me with fine and long hair, I am not getting a lot of volume and as the brush blows out air I am getting a lot more frizz on the top section of my hair that I wouldn’t otherwise. It’s also taking much longer to dry and due to the frizz I am still running the straighteners over it! I think this will be heading to my hair tool graveyard soon unfortunately! 


revlon salon one step volumizer review

I was hoping this month SpaceNK would do their £15 off a £60 spend but unfortunately they did £20 off a £100 spend which doesn’t work out as well. I had a £5 Ndulge reward to use and the expiration was coming up soon so I grabbed a couple things I had wanted for a while – the Medik8 Crystal Retinal 6 and Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless setting spray and decided to add the Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Butter hair repair treatment to make my basket up to £100. With the discount and my reward this came to £75 altogether. 


space nk haul

For the second bank holiday, Escentual did 25% off everything so I took the opportunity to get my favourite serum back in my routine – the NIOD Copper Amino Isolate Serum which is usually £60 but I got it for £45 with the discount – Deciem don’t even have that much off it when they do their Christmas offer, it was 22% last year I think so I would always wait for a deal like this as it’s pricey! Read more about how much I love it here!


niod copper amino isolate serum review

And so concludes my beauty spend in May. Yikes. My total this month was an eye watering £442.44 :| I haven’t fully worked out the value but I think its £600+ so I definitely got some good deals and instant gratification but I am ready for a slow couple of months shopping my stash for sure! Not every month is like this for me and I will say that I also started my new job this month so was very much in treat yo self/congratulations to me mode. I hope to go on a “try not to buy” now for the rest of summer at least – calling it a full ban would make it too difficult!


I picked up a lot of things I had been eyeing up for quite some time so don’t have a lot on my wishlist right now apart from the Anastasia Brow Freeze and the Alpha H Liquid Gold Midnight Reboot serum so if you have either of those do tell me if I need to break my low buy for them! Let me know if there is anything in particular you want to see a review of and I will get working on it! See January, February and April instalments of this series – March was a no buy so it can be done!


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Danielle xx


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  1. What a great haul you've got here Danielle! I was so excited about the brush, until you've mentioned that it makes hair frizzy. Uh-oh! Definitely not for me hah! I also have fine and long hair. I do like Briogeo anti-frizz milk by the way, it is not heavy but does help a bit xx


    1. Ooh thanks Naya, I will check that one out! Yes, i am hoping it's my inexperience with it, will definitely try a few more times but so far way too much frizz lol xx

  2. oh wow this is definitely a treat yourself kinda month - congratulations on the new job!! super exciting. Loads of great finds here - I didn't know ASOS did a beauty box, but I will most definitely be checking that out xx

    mia //

    1. Thank you so much Mia! Definitely do, they are such a bargain! xx

  3. Now that's what I call a haul! Fab! Lots of new products to use but also lots of new content for you! x


    1. Thanks Siobhan! Oh yes, always my number one source of inspiration for what I buy :P xx

  4. I always get sucked into sales too after I say I'm not going to buy haha. I am so curious about the Nuface device. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on it. I love the Estee Lauder advanced repair serum!


    1. Thanks Jill! I am enjoying it so far, hope to see some difference in my smile/marionette lines! So glad to hear you love ANR too! I have a few serums opened that I need to finish but I cannot wait to try! xx

  5. I always get sucked into sales too! That's literally my weakness lol. Even though you might've spend a little more than planned, you got some great deals! :)

    xoxo Simone |

    1. Thanks Simone! Yes, I am super happy with the prices I got for everything and excited to stop spending now too haha xx

  6. I've always wanted to try that rotating hairbrush! By the way, congrats on the new job, wishing you all the luck in the world! <3

  7. Oh wow, lots of amazing treats here! LOVE olaplex No.3 - saved my hair loss. x

    Zoey |

  8. I love the product looks and that brush in the first picture looks pretty cool!

  9. I WISH I got that ASOS Beauty Box, totally worth it just for that Olaplex alone! xx

    1. I still can't believe I managed to get my hands on it! xx

  10. Ooooh this is such a good idea! I should total up my beauty spending and hold myself accountable :/ you definitely bagged some goodies though!


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