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Bodycare | Pixi Rose Bodytreats Review


pixi beauty rose bodytreats review

Two blogposts in one week, what is going on! I actually used to blog twice a week back in the day but one is much more manageable for me now. I do, however, have a few extra posts I want to get up over the next few months and summer is pretty quiet for me at work so I hope to hit publish on a few more posts this summer! The first of which is a review of this beautiful package Pixi* sent a couple of months ago! Inside the cutest green backpack (which I still can’t get over!) were three Pixi Rose Bodytreats to nourish skin from top to toe. This range aims to hydrate, brighten and exfoliate giving you silky skin. 


pixi rose bodytreats review

The Rose Body Cleanser* RRP £18 contains rose flower to moisturise and restore and rosehip oil to smooth and condition. This is quite a different consistency to what I am used to in the shower as it doesn’t lather, instead it really does feel like you are rubbing the balm in and I sometimes get a bit of a “squeaky” feeling! Once you get over that though, it’s a lovely product that leaves my skin feeling well moisturised and never dry or tight. The light scent doesn’t linger and I really like the squeeze bottle in this instance as the formula is a bit thicker than a standard shower gel so I have more control over how much I am squeezing out. I’ve been using this almost daily since I got it and I’m shocked at how much is still in there!


Next up, the Rose Body Polish* RRP £24 which is a sugar scrub containing lactic acid and fruit extracts to smooth, exfoliate and brighten. Initially I was disappointed with this. I was applying in the shower and it really wasn’t spreading well or exfoliating. I then read the instructions on the back of it and realised this is meant to be used before the shower or bath as more of a treatment. Now, I massage it into my skin and leave it on for a couple of minutes before showering off and my skin is so soft afterwards! Rubbing it in warms it up so it spreads much more easily over my skin and the oils feel so luxurious along with the sugar! It does a good job of getting the bulk of my fake tan off but I do go over rougher bits like my elbows with an exfoliating mitt after. In this case though, I hate the packaging (all three have the same size “nozzle” and work well for the cleanser and balm) – the polish is very fine so I thought it would be easy to get out but it really isn’t and I have to squeeze so tightly to get even the tiniest bit out so I would prefer a bigger nozzle on this! I’m glad I took my pictures before I had used it as the packaging looks a lot more battered now from me squeezing it! 


pixi beauty bodytreats rose review

Finally, the Rose Body Balm* RRP £24 is my favourite of the three products! Like the body cleanser, it contains rose flower and rosehip oil as well as shea butter to nourish and lock in hydration. The formula is super lightweight and sinks in quickly which is perfect now especially as its getting hotter. It also has a really subtle fresh, citrusy scent rather than rose I personally think but it doesn’t really linger which for me is fine as I spray perfume anyway however, if I was using this before a night out for example I would want something longer lasting! My skin feels well moisturised all day with this and again I am impressed with the size as I still have loads left! 


pixi beauty body treats rose texture review
l-r - body polish, body cleanser, body balm

Pixi is a cruelty free brand and the Pixi Bodytreats collection is available from Pixi Beauty and Look Fantastic (who always have a 20% off code kicking around ;)!

*denotes a PR sample that was sent to me.

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  1. The body balm sounds fabulous! I always hear such great things about Pixi, I really need to give them a try xx

    mia //

    1. They are such a great brand! The balm is so lightweight, I love it for summer! xx

  2. My skin doesn't fair very well with rose-products, but I do like the sound of their polish, might need to check if they have it in another scent! xx

    1. Ah yes I think I remember you saying that before! Hopefully they expand the scent! I think they do a similar glycolic acid body range! xx

  3. Their packaging is just so beautiful!

    Candice x

  4. Products with rose are my absolute favorite. So pretty. I definitely want to try more of the pixi brand.

    1. Thanks for reading Radi! Defintiely check them out! xx

  5. It's nice you were able to figure out the best way to make the body polish work, even if the packaging makes it tricky to use!

    Hope your week is going well and you have a nice weekend ahead of you :)

    Away From The Blue

    1. It's been so much better since I started using it the "right" way! Have a great week Mica! xx

  6. The balm sounds divine! I'll have to buy it! x


    1. It's gorgoeus! So glad I have it in time for summer, perfect consistency! xx

  7. I didn't try any of Pixi products and I didn't know that they have now and body line Texture of products look very nice. I need to check them.

  8. I am going to have to try out some Pixi items soon!

    Danielle |


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