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Beauty Spend Report | June 2022

I’m back again this month with another spend report – those elusive no-spend months are evading me

daniellesbeauty blog beauty spend report june 2022


First up, on the 1st of June I saw the Look Fantastic X Sol de Janeiro box and I knew it was going to be a bad month lol how could I say no to it, look what’s included! It’s got the body wash, shampoo, hair mask, lip balm, body spray and of course the infamous Bum Bum cream The box was on sale for £40 but I had a 22% off code so this was £31.20. It sold out quickly but then did come back into stock however LF upped the price to £69 so I’m glad I grabbed it when I did! 


sol de janeiro x look fantastic beauty box

I had a set of mini Clean rollerball perfumes a few years ago and had two favourites - in April I bought a full size of one of them so this month I got the other one. The Clean Classic Skin Eau de Parfum came from All Beauty and was £20.75 instead of £33 (not sure how accurate that RRP is!). This is a lovely subtle scent that is easy for me to wear – I am not a huge perfume buff and I find most scents overpowering or my favourites tend to get discontinued, so I am glad to have these two back in my life! I would like to try the Reserve versions, but I think they would be too strong…


Next, Cult Beauty got me again with a £5 account credit and as they also had 20% off I repurchased my favourite NatureLab Tokyo Clarifying Scalp Scrub (£17 – read more about it here) and I finally got the Evy Technology Daily Defence Face Mousse SPF 50 (£27) so instead of £44 for these two it came to £30.20. I also picked up the Schwarzkopf got2b Glued Brows Wand Gel for £3.49 instead of £4.50 from Amazon as i've been hearing good things!


evy technology spf 50 review

ASOS had 20% off (as they regularly do) so I got the new Ordinary Multi Peptide Lash and Brow Serum for £9.92 instead of £12.40. Later in the month they had a surprise discount and mine was 25% off so I took the plunge and got a new pair of GHD Originals. My hair has been more damaged than normal recently and aside from needing a trim, I have been caring for it really well, so my heat tools were my last stop. I found out GHD’s generally only last 2-3 years (I think longer for the fancier versions) and my plates had a few small scratches. I stopped using mine for a month before and borrowed my mums instead and in that short time my hair felt in much better condition and to be honest I don’t even know how old mine were but definitely at least 5 years old if not more so I didn’t feel too bad about buying new ones. These were £89.25 instead of £119. I also finally got myself a Carry Case and Heatproof Mat which I have been meaning to get for years so hopefully this will protect them a bit better but definitely check your straightener plates if your hair has been feeling damaged! This was £16.46 instead of £21.95. These are both sold out at ASOS now but I’ve linked the GHD website! 


ghd original and carry case review

Towards the end of the month Escentual had 25% off across their website and since I loved my mini Clarins Lip Comfort Oil in Honey so much I knew I’d have to pick up a full size! This was £15 instead of £20. I also grabbed a Tisserand Eucalyptus oil 20ml for my diffuser which was £6 instead of £8 (I think this is normally £12 full price but must have already been on offer!). I also needed something else for free delivery (yes I know I end up spending more than if I just paid delivery!) so got The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 5% in Squalane for £9.30 instead of £12.40 as I wanted a retinoid on the more affordable side to use on my chest! 


clarins lip comfort oil in honey review

clarins lip comfort oil honey review

ASOS got me again with their 20% off and I had been eyeing up the new Sol De Janeiro Leave in Conditioner anyway but when I saw it was £22 on ASOS instead of the £28 I was seeing everywhere else I put it in my basket, so this ended up being £17.60. My first impressions of this are very positive too, it smells amazing and detangles so well! I also repurchased the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray as it was finally back in stock – I could only see the mini version everywhere recently – so this was £20.80 instead of £26! Full review here!


Finally, Pat McGrath had another sale on and I had been tempted by the Divine Blush Brush previously so just took the plunge since I was already in treat yourself mode! This was £23 instead of £30! So impressed with how quick shipping is too! 


pat mcgrath divine blush brush review

Overall, this month I spent £292.97 instead of £393.25. Still definitely more than I would like to be spending but at the same time my new GHD’s were included in that and I managed to get some stuff I really wanted for a good price! Did you buy much last month? 


daniellesbeautyblog june 2022 beauty spend report

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  1. What a haul here! I love Sol de Janeiro so I don't blame you for getting this box. Love that cream so much. Would love to try that setting spray!

    1. The setting spray is amazing! They do a mini too! xx

  2. Fabulous haul! That Sol De Janeiro box is amazing value! x


    1. I couldn't believe it! So glad I managed to get it! xx

  3. Oh my goodness you got that Look Fantastic box for such a good deal! :O That Evy face mousse also looks fascinating!! Also very intrigued by that Schwarzkopf got2b Glued Brows Wand Gel - if it’s got2b I bet it’s got mega hold! Okay, my Remington straighteners are over 10 years old I think O.O they still work! Haha.

    Last month I didn’t spend as much but I did have a few treaty days out for coffee and cake! May was my heavy hitting beauty month. 😬 Trips away with beauty friends and a couple of very naughty trip to boots!

    Ellie x

    1. Ooh I had a few days out for coffee and cake too haha love a Boots haul! xx

  4. So many amazing items!

    Danielle |

  5. You got such an incredible deal with the Look Fantastic x Sol de Janeiro Box and at the right time too before they put the price up! I am using The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion just now, so I might go up to the one you got next. I had no idea GHD's only lasted a few years, I have had mine for 6 years, but I don't use it constantly.
    I am looking forward to seeing your purchases next month xx

    1. Ah, mine got very heavy use at the start so I wasn't too annoyed about getting a new pair thankfully! I am hoping I won't have one of these posts next month Janet, I need a spend free month! xx

  6. So glad I got the Sol de Janeiro box for £35! I adore the BUM BUM cream. In fact, slathered it on today haha. xx

    Zoey |

    1. I am addicted to the scent! I want the foot cream next! xx

  7. Oh WOW sooooo many luxe things here! I am a big fan of Clarins and that Beach Bum brand is AMAZING!

    Allie of

  8. A box full of delicious scents and for that price, I don't blame you. I would snatch it too. It's definitely a steal! Thanks for sharing xx

    ♡ lenne |

  9. Omg all the Sol de Janeiro goodies! And I have heard so many great things about the Clarins Lip Oil, I may need to try it ASAP.

    1. It's incredible! So hydrating, longlasting and shiny! xx


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